Friday, March 3, 2017

friday tidbits

i haven't done one of these posts in a while and they are always fun, so here goes....

1. visitors! we've been in a dry spell for visitors for the last...5 months? but now we have three rounds of visitors scheduled for the spring. my brother is coming at the end of april, my father in law durant is coming at the beginning of may and finally, my mom is coming in mid may. whew, it's gonna be busy! but i can't wait. here is a picture from my mom's last visit: 

2. new shoes and bag! my orders i mentioned the other day haven't come yet. i bet they will come all at the same time over the weekend and i'll get the side eye from thatcher (ha!). in the mean time, i wanted to share these two things i got recently. 

i've been carrying around a diaper bag for almost 6(!) years and using it as my purse 95% of the time. we were on our second diaper bag during that time and it was literally falling apart, but i didn't want another diaper bag because ashford will be out of diapers soon (god willing). enter the mom bag! i've been seeing these cognac tote bags all over and i love them! i got this one from old navy for $25 on sale. i've had it for over a month now and i love it! why didn't i get on the "diaper bag that's not really a diaper bag" train earlier? :) 

these shoes! you might remember last year i had some very similar shoes from kmart (gotta love it). i looooooved those shoes, they are so comfortable and wore them until they were literally falling apart (are we seeing a theme here?) they stopped making them and i was so bummed. target has some similar ones, but i don't like them as much. my friend vanessa was at fred meyer the other day and saw these and sent me a picture of them. they are my exact shoes i had under a different brand name! they were a little more expensive than the other ones, but still only $25. i was so excited she found them. i was sort of tempted to buy a few pairs for when these wear out, but stopped myself. 

3. no bake energy balls! i made these a few years ago, but hadn't made them since. i rediscovered them recently, so i wanted to share. they are so good and pretty darn healthy - if you don't eat 10 of them in one sitting ;) it really helps curb my sugar cravings. here is the recipe

4. the weekend! we don't have much planned this weekend and the weather is supposed to be crummy, but thatcher and i get a date night tomorrow night and that's always a good thing! hope you have a good one!

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Sarah said...

Oh I love that bag! I can't wait to ditch the diaper bag!


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