Monday, March 6, 2017

date night, big boy bed, battery tunnel

ashford was sort of under the weather last week. a low grade fever kept us home last tuesday. he's also had a cough, which leads to trouble sleeping. he was ending up in our bed before 11pm every night for most of the week and no one was getting good quality sleep. friday night thatcher and i got the kids to bed and watched a movie. actually, he watched a movie and i fell asleep on the couch until ashford woke up at 10, then we moved to the bed ;) 

saturday morning we all went to rei because thatcher had a couple things he wanted to look at and they have an indoor play area for the kids. for some reason they weren't super into it this time. after 5 whole minutes they were complaining of hunger and asking when we were gonna leave. siiiigh :) thatcher bought his stuff and we headed home. in the afternoon we couldn't persuade ashford to a take a nap, but azalea fell asleep on the couch. sounds about right. in the evening, we dropped the kids off at vanessa, matt, and ewan's so we could have a date night! thatcher and i went to a vegetarian thai place in our neighborhood and then got some ice cream afterwards. 

 how cute is this place?

 i had the coffee with oreo...yum!

we were back to their house by 7pm, so we all hung out for a bit. it was a fun night. when we got home, it was bed time and not just any bed time, but ashford's first time going to sleep in his crib-turned-big-boy-bed. yes, that's right, after 3 years and 2 months, he finally figured out how to climb out, so we decided it was time. haha. 

pretty excited

he slept in his bed until 5:30am before coming in our bed. i can't remember the last time that happened. as if that wasn't exciting enough, our whole family slept until 7:30am on sunday. miracles do happen! :) 

sunday morning we went to an event downtown called "walk the battery". they closed the battery (highway) tunnel for construction, but first opened it up for pedestrian access. it was about 3/4 mile each way. we ran into multiple families we know there. it was really unique and fun! 

 ashford was a little scared of the whole thing and mostly wanted to be carried

in the afternoon, we hung out at home and azalea and i took a trip to the library and grocery store. we made smoked salmon pasta for dinner, then did baths, and early to bed for the kiddos :) 

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Sarah said...

I still cannot get over that he just moved to a big boy bed! That's definitely my dream! Aubrey was not even two when we moved her to a toddler bed! That is so awesome for you guys!


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