Monday, February 13, 2017

dentist, co-working, pedicure

happy monday! it's feeling more spring-like here, it's valentine's day tomorrow, we have a family getaway to vancouver coming up this weekend, and i'm generally feeling more refreshed in life. backing up a bit...

this is like so 3 weeks ago, but i realized i never blogged about ashford's first dentist appointment. it really bugs me when i miss blogging about things that i intended to (i might be a bit neurotic, no?), so i'm just gonna do it now! january 19th was the day. i took him to the same family dentist we all see. ashford has watched azalea get her teeth cleaned twice, so i was hoping it would be a breeze. and it was! apparently both of my kids think it's fun to climb up on the big chair, lay back and get their teeth worked on. ha! they don't do much at appointments at age 3 (mostly count their teeth, talk about dental hygiene, and look for visible signs of cavities). the dentist said he teeth looked great! we're all set for 6 months now. woo hoo!

one more thing before i get to the weekend recap. ashford and i ended up going to check out that co-working / drop-in preschool place i mentioned in my last post and it was awesome!! we went last tuesday morning, met the women who run it and the preschool teacher and saw the space. we took the registration forms and bought our first 10 hour punch card. we got ourselves on the schedule for thursday morning from 10-12 and off we went! they are still getting up and running and trying to build awareness, so ashford was actually the only kid there. haha. and one of the founders and i were the only moms working, so that was kind of funny, but nice. i was right down the hall from him and got a ton of work done. he had fun with "miss alex". they played with toys, did an art project, and ate lunch (that we brought). and we are going back today too! i think we'll do 1-2 mornings a week. i'm so glad my friend heather told me about it!

now onto the short recap of the weekend...

friday night we had dinner with the kids and got them to bed, then thatcher went to a birthday party for his co-worker's wife the rest of the night. i watched a movie and drank wine on the couch in my pajamas. amen!

saturday morning i met up with my friend beth and another friend of hers for pedicures at a nail salon in our neighborhood. beth turned 40 on friday, so it was to celebrate! i hadn't had a pedicure since last october, so it was a much-needed treat! 

we hung out at home with the kids in the afternoon, grilled burgers for dinner and watched a muppet movie (confession: i do not like all). but the kids enjoyed it. 

sunday morning we took the kids to the children's museum. we came back for lunch then ashford took a nap (for maybe the second time in a week). we aren't letting him totally give them up yet ;) azalea actually took a long nap too, so that was awesome. except it made for a less awesome bed time for both. we made salmon for dinner and helped azalea work on her valentines to bring to class tomorrow. we need to finish them up tonight! 

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katielookingforward said...

Here's hoping Minneapolis comes up with coworking drop in spots for families! What a cool concept!!


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