Monday, January 9, 2017's still january?

i think january might be my least favorite month of the year - especially once the new year excitement goes away. isn't like january 8th or something the official most depressing day of the year? :) it's cold out, warm weather feels far away (even in seattle this year), the cozyness of the holidays is gone, not much is on the calendar. the good news is, i have nothing major to complain about, so i am thankful for that. our weekend was pretty quiet, but here is an update anyway: 

friday night we made dinner (tried a new veggie and lentil soup, which was good!)

got the kids to bed, and then decided 8:50 was "too late" to start a movie (lol) and went to bed in the 9:00 hour instead. i have been so tired after the kids go to bed lately. like completely brain dead and just want to go to bed myself. the eternal struggle of getting more sleep or getting more free time ;) thankfully the kids have been staying in bed until 7-7:15 almost every day, which is a huge improvement from the 6:00 hour wake up we've had for the last couple years. i think my kids might be growing up. it's bitter sweet! 

saturday morning we had no plans, so we made a yummy breakfast, then took the kids on a walk to the library. it was nice to get some fresh air, but man has it felt like winter here. way colder than last year (which felt like spring). not to mention i've apparently become a wimp ;) but that's neither here nor there. both kids napped in the afternoon, 

thatcher went out on some errands and i didn't have anything that needed to get done for work, so that was awesome! i snuggled with the kids a bit, then snuggled with my phone. ha. in the evening, we dropped the kids off at our friends vanessa and matt's so we could have a date night. (love our date night swaps!). from 5:30-7:30 thatcher and i enjoyed blissful grown up time. we went out for dinner and dessert. for dinner we went to a new (to us) place in fremont called 'the red door", it was a bar/restaurant and we didn't think about the fact that the seahawks playoff game was that night, so it was pretty loud with all the fans, but it was fine and the food was good. for dessert thatcher grabbed a slice of vegan, gluten-free pie at 'flying apron' then we walked across the street to another bakery called 'pie' so i could get my own piece of pie...filled with gluten and dairy. ha! i have to admit, both were delicious. 

sunday morning thatcher took the kids to carkeek beach (in the rain, no less) and out for lunch with his co-worker chris and his daughter penny.

i spent a couple hours doing book keeping work at toast coffee shop. 

then i came home and got to relax for a bit too, so that was nice! we decided to skip nap for ashford the afternoon (and hope for early bed time) since they got home pretty late. the kids and i played the rest of the afternoon while thatcher got his hair cut and went to the grocery store. for dinner we made an asian pork bowl with rice and veggies. the kids watched "the princess and the frog". there was a dance party, then off to bed (not early as hoped i might add). thatcher and i relaxed the rest of the night in preparation for the week ahead. 

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Sarah said...

So jealous Azalea naps!


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