Monday, January 23, 2017

monday tidbits

our weekend was pretty quiet and picture-less. friday night i went out for drinks with my friend beth to a cozy little tapas bar in our neighborhood. it was fun to catch up with her, because we usually hang out during the week when we are with our kids and neither of us can finish a sentence. saturday morning thatcher took the kids to uvillage (outdoor mall) and i went to toast coffee shop and worked on invoicing for 2 hours. thatcher hung out with a friend around dinner time and the kids and i made pizza and watched frozen. sunday morning thatcher took the kids to the zoo, so i could do more invoicing. all of these kid "breaks" were very much appreciated as this was a pretty trying week in the mom department. sunday afternoon brought naps and grocery shopping and another movie night. not bad, weekend, not bad :) 

since you got a short and sweet recap of the weekend, here are some other things on my mind: 

1. as everyone knows, donald trump became our president on friday. i could write a novel about why that is very concerning to me, but instead i will just say, i hope and pray that our fears about his leadership are unfounded (although i am already having doubts considering all of the important issues that were immediately removed from the white house website, and the lies that are being reported about the inauguration and march numbers) :( i wasn't able to attend the seattle women's march this weekend, but i was so inspired seeing everyone's posts on social media. thatcher and i also made a donation to planned parenthood, so i feel like we were able to make an impact in some way. i'm thankful we live in a country where we can voice our opinions, hopes, and dreams.  

2. on a totally different (and sort of embarrassingly less important) note, i want to share my favorite new fashion blog i came across recently. maybe you already know of it, (it's been around since 2011), but i found it through my friend lisa's blog just last week and i've spent an embarrassing amount of time pouring over the archives since then. it's called putting me together and it's written by a woman in san diego named audrey. there are a few reasons why i'm proclaiming this to be the best style blog ever. 1. she is super down to earth and has a very relatable body type (unlike some of the fashion bloggers out there who intimidate me with their super model-like appearances). 2. she breaks down her outfit inspiration advice into super easy to follow instructions. 3. most of the clothes she links to are reasonably priced (again, unlike some of the fashion bloggers out there promoting $1k purses. no thanks!). i know i'm not the only one who gets bored with their wardrobe from time to time, but i swear, since reading her posts, i have put together some super cute outfits i never would have thought of on my own. and i'll admit, i have started a list of some pieces that i want to add to my wardrobe, but my main focus is getting inspiration for clothes i already own. :) 
Outfits With a White Plaid Blanket Scarf

hope you had a good weekend!


Faith said...

It was so inspiring to see all the marches in our country and around the world.

I enjoy her blog too because she is very everyday look which is so much more relatable. I use to follow a lot of fashion bloggers back in the day but I'm no longer as into them as I use to be. Simple reason is because money cannot buy style.

Alison Bents said...

Putting Me Together is definitely my favorite too :) Only unrelatable part is San Diego weather - ha! "It's so cold - I have to wear a scarf!" :)

Sarah said...

Ooh. I'm going to check her out... I'm need of some help. I feel clueless.


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