Monday, January 30, 2017

january wrap up: weekend, fashion finds, healthy eating

january is finally wrapping up (did it feel 5 years long to anyone else?). once again, i don't have a whole lot in the recap department, but here we go:

friday night we watched "happy feet" with the kids and let them stay up a bit late since ashford took a long nap in the afternoon and azalea fell asleep on the couch after school (which happens quite often. girl loves her naps).

saturday morning we walked to the locks for the first time in quite a while, then to the library to get some new books.

the kids were not into napping in the afternoon, so that was my cue to escape for my sanity's sake. thank you thatcher for seeing the look of panic in my eyes. haha. i walked around our neighborhood, got some coffee, and went in a few stores. in the evening, we watched ewan while vanessa and matt had a date night. the kids were wild and crazy in our small apartment as usual, but we survived and it was fun. 

sunday morning thatcher took the kids to carkeek park, so i could do a little work from home. i even got to eat my lunch in peace :) 

it seems like all i talk about lately is thatcher taking the kids to do fun things on the weekends so i can get a break and i'm feeling a little guilty about it. i don't blog too much about our weekdays around here, because the weekends are more memorable, but when i solo parent 10+ hours a day on the weekdays, i'm really ready for a kid-break by the weekend. i'm so grateful for all the time i get to spend with my kids, but i do miss going into an office a couple times a week to break things up. when you combine me staying home with no family around to give me/us a break, it's tough. not that we didn't expect that to be the case when we moved. the rest of the day yielded no nap again for ashford (sigh), but a nap for azalea. then dinner and baths to end the night. 

what else is on my mind this week? 

1. this presidency that continues to be a disaster. and we're only one week in! every day i am absolutely dumbfounded by the disgraceful decisions that are being made. will it ever end? i'm embarrassed to be an american right now. i didn't think we were a country of assholes, but that is quickly becoming the case. it is so disappointing. i hope some one can put a stop to this madness. taking away people's rights because they are not white, male, christian, etc is just plain wrong. why does there have to be so much hate, ignorance, and fear?

2. this post is quickly becoming a carbon copy of last monday's - weekend recap, politics, fashion. ha! i've been doing a little too much shopping lately and should probably reign it in, but i can't help myself. here are my latest purchases from old navy and target. yes, those jeans have a hole in the knee. yes, that is a trend i said i would never get on board with. ha! 

these riding boots were $20 at target!!
3. finally, i've been making a serious effort to eat healthier lately. the last couple months of 2016 were a non-stop stream of sugar (i'm looking at you, starbucks holiday drinks) and while that was fun and all, i was feeling really sluggish physically...not to mention my pants were not fitting like they used to. i am not overweight by any means, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to your health, right? i've adopted an "everything in moderation" approach. it's been about a week and a half now and i am really noticing a difference in how i look and feel, which is encouraging. here are some of the changes i've made: 

- if i'm hungry for snack (which i always am!), it has to be something healthy: fruit, veggies with hummus, pistachios, almonds, yogurt, etc. no junk. 

- no eating the kids' food off their plates that they don't want when clearing their dishes. 

- i am not the type who can eat "just" a salad for lunch and be satisfied, but i've been buying these chopped salad kits at the store and they are awesome! one bag lasts me three lunches and i will have a little warmed up pita bread or rolled up deli turkey with mustard, and usually some fruit with my salad. it keeps me least for a couple hours ;) 

- finally, dessert. i loooove dessert and can't live without it. i don't think anyone should have to. i'll be honest, up until recently i was eating sweets multiple times a every day. not good. my new rule for myself is no sweets during the day (meaning typical dessert stuff: chocolate, donuts, cookies, etc). after dinner i can have one piece of dark chocolate. it's been going really well. i'm actually appreciating the chocolate now and not just eating it as a given. i'm hoping i can keep this up long term. 

okay, this post got way longer and all over the place than i intended, but thanks for reading! 

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Sarah said...

I've been meaning to tell you this but I'm loving all the posts you are liking on FB. I'm so blessed to have so many amazing like-minded friends!


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