Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ashford's kid party and a trip to anacortes, wa

we all had a 3 day weekend over here. thatcher and azalea were both off for martin luther king day, so it was nice to have a bonus day together. i won't recap the entire weekend, but just some highlights. it was a busy one! also, before i move onto the weekend, i want to record that azalea started a basketball class at the community center last thursday (her pick!). she seemed to love it despite being one of the youngest and definitely the shortest. :) she also went to another birthday party for one of her classmates, stella rye (there are two stella's). they invited the entire class (and any parents who wanted to stay to their house). as you can imagine it was quite chaotic! now onto the weekend...

ashford's kid party

saturday morning we had ashford's joint 3rd birthday party with his buddy ewan. ashford's birthday is 12/21 and ewan's is 1/13 and we share a lot of the same friends with their family, so we decided to do one together. best decision ever! we rented a party room at the children's museum (just like we did for azalea's birthday). vanessa took care of all the food, decorations, party favors, etc. i basically just showed up. she is amazing :) we had about 25 people come (including parents and siblings). the kids had a blast running around the museum and then we served some snacks before having 'birthday donuts'. we got home and both kids crashed, which was nice!

until the day of the party, i don't think ashford understood that it was for him too. he kept calling it "ewan's party" and when i would remind him, he would say "but i already had my birthday!" so cute. needless to say, he had a great time. 

anacortes, wa

the first year we lived in seattle we did so many little day trips and exploring, in general. it has certainly slowed down the second year and i miss it, so i suggested we do a day trip on sunday. thatcher agreed! we picked anacortes, which is the "gateway" to the san juan islands. we had not been to anacortes yet and it was on our list. it was about an hour and a half drive to get there. the kids did okay, sans electronic devices (something we are going to invest in soon for car trips for our own sanity). 

we stopped in mount vernon and grabbed some coffee on the way. when we arrived in anacortes, it was lunch time, so we found "secret cove", which was a restaurant we picked before leaving. every table in the place had a beautiful view of the water! we had a nice lunch (despite the kids being really squirrly and talking loudly the whole time) :) 

after lunch we walked through the downtown area. lots of shops that were closed and restaurants that were open. 

i'll give you one guess who took this one ;) 

then we walked over to an old train station, which has been turned into a plaza. in the spring, summer, and fall there is a farmers market there, but not a whole lot happening in the winter. 

 this ship is only open march-november. womp womp.

our last stop in anacortes was washington park. we drove into the park and decided to take the "scenic drive" which was a 1 car width road that was also shared by pedestrians and bikes. wowza. at least it was a one way and no treacherous drop offs or anything like that. the coolest part was, there were small parking areas along the drive where you could get out and look at the views. and let me tell you - they were spectacular! 

some nice ladies asked if they could take a family picture for us. "yes please!" says the mom blogger :) 

a couple more for good measure: 

this one cracks me up. 

thanks for the fun, anacortes!

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Sarah said...

How is he 3? I swear you just had him.


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