Thursday, January 12, 2017

another outfit post

in an effort to break up the "this is what we did this weekend" posts, i thought i'd do another outfit post from your favorite wannabe fashionista. :) my last one was from 9 months ago! i post my outfits on instagram probably once every week or two. i love looking for outfit inspiration from fashion bloggers, especially those who buy reasonably priced clothes. who knows, maybe i will help inspire some outfits for my friends along the way. 

here is a collage of some outfits from the past 4 months: 

1. i had a flannel shirt a couple years ago that i liked, but it was super tight in the shoulders, so i never wore it. i went to value village (think goodwill) this fall and actually found two of them second hand. they have been getting a lot of wear. earlier this week i wore this one under a gray sweater and that was cute too. 

2. this is the dress i wore for kelli and jake's rehearsal dinner in october. i found it second hand at buffalo exchange for $12 and it's a free people dress, so that was kind of exciting. i'm a sucker for anything lace, especially on dresses and the color is so pretty! 

3. the striped shirt is a target find from this fall. i had been wanting a black and white striped shirt because they look really cute under vests. i also love that this one has more of a boat neck and the stripes don't go all the way up. the green vest is an old navy find from a couple years ago and i love it because it's super thin, so it fits well underneath jackets. jeans were second hand viggoss brand from buffalo exchange. they just bit the dust this week with a giant hole in the crotch ;) tan booties are from h&m this fall. i love them, they have a short heel (super comfortable) and they go with everything! 

4. gray sweater was second hand from value village. i'm obsessed with gray sweaters, they are so versatile. green jacket is from target last year (but they have a similar one this year). i love this jacket as a jacket, but also because it looks super cute as part of an outfit as well. you can't really see in the picture, but i'm wearing white jeans which i've always wanted (but was scared to buy). i found this pair (mine were bought major on sale) from nordstrom this fall and i call them my "no kids" pants. i typically only wear them when i'm not with my kids, for obvious reasons :) my purse is from target probably 3 years ago now. as much as i love some of the designer purses out there, i just can't bring myself to spend the money on them. this one is starting to fall apart (i've used it pretty much every day for the last 3 years), so i replaced it with a similar cognac-colored cross body from nordstrom. 

5. this is probably my favorite outfit of the collage! i got this chambray tunic shirt at buffalo exchange our first summer here and it's so fun to style it different ways. i have mixed feelings about the denim on denim look, so i'm more comfortable wearing it with pants that are a different color. which brings me to to these cropped skinny black jeans from gap outlet. they are sort of high wasted (keeps everything in - ha!) and sooo comfortable. i got them this fall, so i'm looking forward to wearing them in warm weather with sandals. the scarf is from buffalo exchange as well. i've been trying different ways to wear scarves, this attempt was as easy as it gets! :) same booties from h&m. 

6. this cranberry top is from target and i love it except i ordered it a size too big and was too lazy to exchange it, so i always wear something over it. but i love the lace detail on the bottom. the black and white cardigan is from nordstrom this fall and it is the comfiest stretchy light-weight material. i have another one in gray and black and they get a lot of wear. jeans are gap skinnies from buffalo exchange. 

7. the famous blanket scarf! this was a gift from kelli to all of her bridesmaids and everyone loved them. (we even used them for the outdoor professional pictures). i've always loved the look of blanket scarves, but was too intimidated to figure out how to fold/wear them. getting one as a gift was the perfect way to dive in! there are so many tutorials online for folding blanket scarves and it turns out it's not really that complicated at all. the colors in this scarf are so pretty, and it's the perfect way to "dress up" a plain shirt. 

8. finally, this white peasant-y top is from target. i love the way it hangs and that it's more exciting than a plain white tee. the cardigan is from target as well and is super loungy and oversized, which is a style i don't own much of, but i really like it! these gray jeans (which are really more like jeggings) are from h&m last winter. somedays the tightness is not my friend, but i do love their color for a change from regular denim. 

so, there you go. no idea if this post was fun or bored you to tears, but i had fun writing it. i'm sort of "over" cold weather clothes and itching to wear shorts, skirts, tank tops, and sandals once again. but we have quite a few months to go before that will be reality. until then, i'll just keep looking for new ways to wear my current wardrobe. oh and buy more clothes i probably don't need. i can't help but take advantage of a good deal when i see one :) 


Miss Jewells said...

These are all really cute! I'm going back to work (from maternity leave) in a couple weeks and have been needing some inspiration since I've practically lived in yoga pants. Thanks! :)

Sarah said...

You need to take me shopping when you are home. I'm seriously in need of help!


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