Monday, December 12, 2016

snow day, parents night out, christmas concert

all last week snow was in the forecast. on tuesday we saw a few flurries, which was the most we saw here last winter. it only snows in seattle once every few years, so they always hype it up. so far, this winter has been a lot colder than last year. highs in the 30's is considered cold here and that's what we were experiencing last week. on thursday night snow started to fall (and stick!). i couldn't believe it! by friday morning there was probably 2-3 inches on the ground. 

yes, it's still dark out when the kids get up :/

we got a robo call from azalea's school that there would be a 2 hour delay to the start of the day (kinda funny, but i get it). the kids were thrilled about the snow and wanted to go outside and play at 6:30 am (in the dark - haha!), but I made them wait a couple hours. it felt so cozy every time i looked outside!

and christmas decorations look that much more festive with snow in the back ground. right?

thatcher's bus commute to work was a breeze - there was no one on the roads! the kids enjoyed playing in the snow for a while, but we don't have much winter gear here, so they soon got wet and cold and came in. the snow was already starting to melt by 9am. 

everyone knows that no snow day is complete without baking some cookies. so we settled on sugar cookies with sprinkles. baking with these two can be a bit stressful, but we all survived (and had fun). 

we spent the rest of the morning walking to the grocery store to get stamps and then tried to go to the library, but it also had a 2 hour delay in opening. i should have looked online first. oops! we took azalea to school at 11:30. 

that night azalea went to a special event at her school called "parents' night out". she had been begging us to go since the fall. basically you pay $25 for some staff members to entertain your kid so you can have a date night with your spouse. awesome...except that ashford isn't old enough to go to it. so our date night was really just parenting one child for a night. ha! we walked down to 8oz burger co for dinner. it was a nice night and i have to admit, just taking one kid out for dinner was easier :) 

thatcher picked up azalea at 8:30. she had fun playing in the gym, doing crafts, and watching a movie. she knew some other kindergarteners there, so that was fun for her. 

saturday morning thatcher had a work (community) meeting to attend, so the kids and i hung out in ballard. first we went to royal drummer coffee shop for a treat and played with their toys, then we put all of our christmas cards in the mail, and finally we made our way to the library and checked out some books. the snow was completely gone within 24 hours. pretty funny! 

saturday afternoon thatcher stayed with the kids while they napped and i went out shopping by myself. i went to pier one and marshalls with the intent of getting some christmas gifts. turns out i am incapable of not buying things for myself, so that might have happened as well. but it was a minorly productive outing. and relaxing, which is always nice! we made tacos for dinner and then we all watched a cheesy kid's christmas movie called santa paws. 

sunday morning i had some book keeping to do, so thatcher took the kids to the children's museum. in the afternoon we attended a choral christmas concert that one of thatcher's co-workers was performing in. it was held at a church and we took the kids. there were a ton of kids there, but the first 45 minutes was a bit hard for them to sit through. it was mostly just singing and did not keep their (or any of the other kids') interest. but then santa made a special appearance and the last 15 minutes became a singalong with jingle bells. the kids loved it then! ;) the rest of the night was dinner and early to bed for the kids. then i made thatcher participate in our annual viewing of the holiday :) 

the kids and i are heading to minneapolis in 5 days! i can't wait! 


Faith said...

I had no idea that it snowed in Seattle only once every couple of years! Haha, I force Sean to participate in our annual viewing of "Love Actually" every year :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Ahh so much snow! I live in FL so I'm always amazed when it actually snows during Christmas time other's so pretty!

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