Monday, November 21, 2016

thanksgiving week is upon us

from now until the end of the year is my favorite time of year! but you already knew that :) this year is looking a little different as far as our routine goes. you know, our one year old seattle routine. ha! thatcher left on saturday night for his 10 day trip to thailand, laos, and china. i can't believe it's actually here! the kids have been giving us a run for our money lately, so i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little worried about how this stretch is going to go. thankfully my aunt cindy is coming into town today for the next 4 days to help me with the kids and spend thanksgiving with us! 

we had a pretty low-key weekend here. friday night we stayed in and grilled dinner. saturday morning thatcher took the kids to the indoor play area at mountlake terrace recreation center, so i could start working on my monthly invoicing. i also got some cleaning in. double the fun! ;) i actually stayed home all day saturday, which doesn't happen often. thatcher left after the kids were in bed for the night and i lounged on the couch. 

sunday morning i decided to be brave and take the kids to their second ever movie in the theater. the last one we saw was finding dory in minneapolis in june and it was a bit of a rough event for ashford, he didn't make it til the end. this time we saw trolls and i'm happy to report he made it through the whole thing! it was such a cute movie with great music! we all loved it! and one of azalea's classmates was there with her family and sat right behind us, so she was excited about that!


 in the afternoon the kids both napped (high five!) and i did more invoicing. we met up with our friends vanessa and ewan at the mcdonalds in our neighborhood for dinner. we've actually never been to it, but it has a playland, so we thought it would be a good way to tire the kids out. and it was! 

so, that's about it for today. i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. i'm cooking a turkey dinner for our little family group here on thursday and i'm really looking forward to it. then it'll be full-on christmas mode for me! (right now it's like 87%.....) 

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