Tuesday, October 25, 2016

weekend update on a tuesday

you guys...i forgot to blog about the weekend yesterday. forgot! i don't even know who i am anymore! ha. just kidding, but really, that is a rare occurrence. but never fear, here i am today! 

friday night we made dinner, put the kids to bed, then i discovered titanic is now on netflix. i hadn't seen it in many years, but it is one of my all time favorite movies. i can't believe it'll be 20 years since it's release next year. yikes! i saw it 4 times in the theater when it came out and i was obsessed with kate and leo ;) i decided to start watching it, knowing i wouldn't watch the entire 3 hours that night. thatcher made fun of my selection, but soon he was sucked in too. we watched the first 2 hours that night and saved the rest. 

saturday morning thatcher took the kids to the zoo and i headed to the coffee shop to do monthly invoicing for work. it was so nice! we had lunch and put ashford down for a short nap because at 2:00 we had another 4th birthday to attend (i told you there are a lot this fall!). this one was for my friend erica (who i was with at suncadia last weekend)'s son tate. we got to go to their new house that is a couple miles north of us. it was a fun pumpkin-themed party with a pinata, pumpkin painting, and tons of delicious food. the kids had a blast running around the yard for 2 hours straight. 

that night we stayed in and watched the rest of titanic after the kids were in bed :) 

sunday morning we had no plans, so we decided to head to carkeek beach. it had been a while! our beach trips have sure slowed down compared to our first year living here. it was a perfect fall morning for it. the kids threw rocks in the water and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. 

 in the afternoon, i took azalea to the pharmacy to get flu shots for both of us. before i share that experience, i have to share that i took ashford to the pediatrician's office for his last week and he didn't even flinch when they did it. i couldn't believe it. azalea was so bravely talking about going and even when talking to the pharmacist. she was completely fine until they stuck it in her arm and said "you're doing great, we're almost done" then she lost it and started screaming and sobbing. poor girl :( at least we got it done! i took her to a coffee shop down the street for a hot chocolate after and she was just fine :) she is very into hot chocolate these days! i love it! 

sunday night was baths and getting ready for the week ahead. it's a busy and exciting one. thatcher's mom comes into town today for a week and i leave on thursday to fly back to minneapolis for kelli's wedding weekend. i can't believe it's almost here! 

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Sarah said...

Ha! Azalea did so well with her shot compared to Aubrey- we had to physically hold her down- oof!


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