Monday, October 17, 2016

"momcation" weekend in suncadia

after five days of solo parenting while thatcher was on his work trip, my weekend getaway could not have come at a better time. back in july, five of my closest mom friends and i booked a "custom log home" in the suncadia resort, which is 80 miles east of seattle. we were so excited when the weekend finally arrived! three of our friends couldn't leave town until after 11am on friday, so the other three of us decided to get brunch and then our nails done, since our husbands had taken the day off to be with the kids anyway. we went to portage bay cafe for brunch (my first time there despite living only a few blocks away). it was delicious! then we walked to a nearby nail place for pedicures. it was pouring rain all morning and seattle was anticipating some nasty weekend weather, so both places were pretty dead! it was a nice, relaxing morning before hitting the road for suncadia. 

the drive there ended up being sort of stressful. it was pouring rain and very windy and there were tons of speeding semis on the road. we breathed a sigh of relief when we finally made it there two hours later. the house was absolutely beautiful. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open, airy, with a super cozy fireplace. the agenda for the weekend was to include: eating, drinking, sitting in the hot tub, visiting the winery, eating, sitting in front of the fireplace, eating, and relaxing ;) the agenda was not include: changing diapers, answering 1000 questions an hour, breaking up sibling fights, or waking up at 5:30 am. we were pretty much giddy! 

we wasted no time turning on the fireplace, making some spiked hot cider and nachos for a snack. next we changed into our suits to try out the hot tub. vanessa bought this inflatable swan which also doubles as a drink holder, so we named him vincent ;) it was in the low 40's out and a little drizzly, so the hot tun felt heavenly. 

the others were still getting their suits on

after an hour in the hot tub, we changed back into comfy clothes (the official attire of the weekend), turned on some music and got started on prepping our feast of appetizers and desserts including spring rolls, baguette with cheeses, pickle rolls, salad, and later cake batter dip, flan, and an assortment of candy and cookies. 

excited to eat! 

after dinner, we poured more wine and played a game of cards against humanity, which always makes me laugh until i cry. :) the rest of the night, we just hung out and chatted and enjoyed having zero responsibilities besides being together. we were in bed before 11, too! #partyanimals

saturday morning we were all awake by 8am (no one's body would let them sleep in when we actually had the chance!). at least it was pretty outside: 

we made a big brunch of egg bake, hashbrown casserole, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. then we got in the hot tub again. we all showered and changed back into comfy clothes (of course) and watched a movie. i repeat: we watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon in our pajamas. i cannot tell you the last time i did that. it felt so amazing. that morning we made a reservation for 5:15 for dinner at the winery on the resort. we got ready to go out and left at 4pm for our less than a mile walk, thinking we would do a wine tasting before dinner. well, google maps got us all confused and we ended up walking the wrong way and in the end it took us an hour and 15 minutes to get there on foot. so embarrassing. at least we made it in time for our reservation ;) i decided we looked like we were shooting an album cover as we walked along the main road: 

here we are finally at the main entrance of the resort. leave it to us to walk the most round about way to get there. 

the winery's restaurant was really nice and had more people than we had seen the entire weekend. we all got a wine flight to start then salads and flatbreads for dinner. yum! 

after our meal, we went into the bar/lounge section to sit in the the plush arm chairs and taste some additional wines and listen to the live cover band. they were great and we had a blast! we had heard there was a shuttle that can take you back to the lodge (or house in our case), so we did that when we were ready to go. guess how long the drive was...? under 5 minutes! ha! we stayed up chatting until midnight that night, so i guess you could call it our party animal night. or, moms gone wild. either one ;) 

sunday morning we slept in a little later, but not by much. we heated up the leftovers from our brunch the day before and relaxed for a bit before getting ready for the day and cleaning up and checking out by 11. no one wanted the weekend to end! we decided to drive to a coffee shop in a nearby town before hitting the road back to seattle. 

 one last group shot 

two from our group headed straight back after that and the rest of us stopped for lunch at snoqualmie brewery. the weekend was basically a 48 hour slumber party and i loved every second of it! it went way too fast. that said, it was so good to hug my kids (who had a blast with thatcher all weekend) when i got home. i truly needed this break, as did these ladies who understand the crazy life of parenting small children. i am so thankful that i've met them in seattle and for the supportive, deep bond we share.  

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Sarah said...

Such a great trip! #squadgoals!


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