Friday, September 2, 2016

here comes fall

i know fall doesn't officially begin until september 23rd, but the day after labor day always feels like the first day of fall to me! you know i love looking forward to things that are coming up (and then re-hashing them when they are over. ha!). this past summer was so so amazing. there were definitely some low points (not being able to attend my cousin's wedding and losing my grandma in the same week), but overall i was so thankful to have so many opportunities for travel, visitors, and celebrations. it was definitely a summer i will never forget!

i've realized over the years that the anticipation of the next season coming is almost as fun as the season itself. i love warm, sunny, carefree (well, sort of) summers, but cozy, cool, structured fall is right up there too. here are a few things i'm especially looking forward to in the new few months:

azalea starting kindergarten

i know, i've been talking about this a lot lately. i am truly so excited for this next chapter for her. i know she is ready and will do great. it will be a change to not have as much time with her at home, but that's part of her growing up and i know i will appreciate the time i do get with her even more. if anyone is wondering. ashford won't be in preschool this fall, but hopefully will start in january after he turns 3 and is potty trained. which i'm planning to tackle in the next couple weeks. wish me luck!

my mom visiting

my mom is coming at the end of september for 5 days before heading down to portland to visit our friends for the rest of her visit. it will be her third time visiting since we moved and it's always so nice to have her. i need to start thinking of some different places to take her this time. we have done quite a bit during her last couple visits, so now i need to get creative!

girl's cabin weekend

my mom friend group and i are going to suncadia, wa for a weekend of fun and relaxation in mid october. i am so excited for this! we all are looking forward to a "mom break" and getting to do nothing but hang out, eat, drink, curl up by the fireplace, chat, and sleep(!) for a whole weekend. it is going to be glorious!

my mother in law visiting

my mother in law is coming in late october. she hasn't been here since we moved, so it will be really fun to show her all of the fun places we have discovered since then. she is always such a big help with the kids and she will even be here while i travel back to minnesota for kelli's wedding, which i'm sure thatcher appreciates more than anyone. ;) 

kelli's wedding

you knew this one was coming next ;) the wedding is october 29th and i can't wait to help celebrate kelli and jake! i'll be flying home by myself from thurs-sun that weekend. i'm excited for all of the festivities, but also to get to see my mom and brother while i'm in town.

new jersey trip

in mid november i'm flying to new jersey by myself for 3 nights (i still can't believe all these solo trips are happening!) to visit my dad's side of the family. this came to be after i wasn't able to swing a trip out there for my grandma's funeral. i haven't been to new jersey in 4 years (though i've seen most of my family members more recently). it's going to be hard knowing my grandma won't be there, but i'm hoping the visit will help me find some closure with her being gone. 

thatcher goes to laos/cindy visits

i can't say i'm exactly looking forward to thatcher being gone for 10 days at the end of november, but i'm excited for him that he is getting this opportunity and i'm so excited for my brother in law anders and his soon to be wife nith to be married. a while back, i told my aunt i didn't know how i was going to survive 10 days solo parenting and she offered to fly out and help for a few days. hallelujah! we are really looking forward to having her here and showing her seattle.

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