Monday, September 26, 2016


backing up to last thursday - not only was it soccer night for azalea, but it was also "back to school night" at her school. it's an open house where your child shows you around the classroom and the school. it was really fun to see all the stuff they have been doing that she doesn't tell us about! ;)

friday night when thatcher got home from work, we went out for dinner at the bbq place in our neighborhood. it was a fun night with the kids and the food was amazing as always!

saturday morning i dropped off thatcher and the kids in the town of everett (35 mins north) to take a special train ride into downtown. it was a temporary train route running this weekend for people traveling to the washington state fair (they get off in downtown and board another train). thatcher thought it would be fun for them to ride it as far as downtown and then bus home. here are some pictures of their morning: 

meanwhile i headed to a coffee shop in the greenwood neighborhood to get some invoicing done for work. 

i came home and they were still gone for a couple hours more, so i ate lunch, cleaned a bit for my mom's arrival on tuesday (!!!), and did more invoicing. i ended up being on my own for nearly 6 hours. so nice! of course i soaked up their snuggles when they got home. we grilled hot dogs and chicken sausage for dinner and the kids watched toy story (which i rented from the movie store in our neighborhood). now ashford knows who buzz light year is - it's his halloween costume, if you missed that in my last post. 

sunday morning thatcher got up at 5:45am to get ready for a day hike with 2 co-workers. with ashford waking up so early lately, i crossed my fingers that he would sleep through it, but of course he woke up too and demanded to get up immediately. sighhhhh. at least azalea slept until 7. the kids and i hung out at home for most of the morning. then we walked down to the locks to meet our friends matt, vanessa, and ewan and vanessa's family who was in town (her siblings and brother in law). it was so nice to meet them! it was a beautiful day at the locks, but soooo crowded. i didn't get any pictures of the people, but i did snap one of this gorgeous tree on the walk there and this amazing green moss in one of the locks: 


the kids and i spent the afternoon at home, i finished my invoicing, and thatcher returned before dinner time. the evening was much of the same and today's agenda is more cleaning and grocery shopping for my mom coming tomorrow! 

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