Friday, September 16, 2016

azalea's first week of kindergarten

the first week of kindergarten is in the books and it has been a great experience so far! i made my picture-hating girl take an obligatory first day of school pic and this is how it went: 

she's such a stinker :) i had to make her laugh to get that second one.

thatcher, ashford and i all walked her up to school on monday. we said hi to some parents we know and she saw a few kids she knew on the playground. soon the first bell rang to signal the kids to head to their rooms. we all went into the classroom and helped her find her cubby and her assigned spot at her table. 

the teacher was pretty quick to "kick out" the families (i think to prevent moms and dads from lingering for too long). we hugged and kissed her goodbye. she was all smiles! after drop off, thatcher headed to work and ashford and i walked to a coffee shop a couple blocks away with some other kindergarten parents. apparently it's a first day tradition for new kindergarten parents. there were some parents there that i already knew, and i got to meet some new ones, as well. it was a fun morning! 

i thought about azalea all day and couldn't wait to pick her up and hear about her day, but i never felt sad about her being at school. it just felt right. she came running into my arms at 3:45, i asked her how it was and she said "it was good! we had dance class today!" i probably asked her way too many questions on the walk home because she straight up started ignoring me after about 2 questions. ha! i didn't get a ton more detail about her day (which sounds like the norm), but she did share that: 

- she didn't use the bathroom all day (uh, that's not a good thing honey)

- they ate lunch in the lunch room and had recess (3x)

- they read a book called "the kissing hands" and she asked me to kiss her hand :)

and that was about it! i could tell she was so exhausted after the first day. afterall, she is my 5 and a half year old who was still napping quite often, so this is a big change for her. she has been falling asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow each night and sleeping until at least 7am every morning (in fact, it's almost 8am right now and she is still asleep!). the rest of the days this week have been much of the same. she seems to be really enjoying school and it makes me so happy and proud. i'm still getting used to this whole 5 day a week routine of making lunches, drop off/pick up, etc. i'm sure ashford misses having her around all the time, but he has adjusted to it really well. he asks if it's time to pick her up a couple times a day, but doesn't seem too sad that she isn't here to fight with him. ;) 

i'm loving the start of this new adventure for all of us!

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