Friday, September 9, 2016

ashford says...

i realized the other day that i use to do these kind of posts about azalea all the time and i have not been good about doing them for ashford, which is just not right considering how verbal he is and all the cute things he says. :) so, here is my attempt at catching up a bit... 

ashford: "mama, can i smell your belly?"
 me: "um yes?"
*lifts up my shirt and sniffs*
me: "what does it smell like?"
ashford: "smoked salmon" interesting...

holding a piece of our foam map floor puzzle
"is this one mota-sota?" 

thatcher: "what should we do tomorrow?"
ashford: "go to the poopy store!"
thatcher: "oh yeah? what do they have there?"
ashford: "poopies and stinkies!" 

anytime he gets startled by someone coming into the room: 
"hehehe i scared you!"

"what happened at school today, tell us sarah!" 
this is a line from a book we have, the funniest part is he says it like a parent

eleven = "ka-leven"

we put temporary tattoos on he and azalea's arms and he was so traumatized about it, crying:
"get it off, i don't want it on here. why is it on here?" i think he thought it was permanent.

i'm planning to spend some days at home with him potty training next week when azalea starts school. wish us luck! 

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