Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#mrsomaida: kelli's bachelorette weekend in seattle

my best friend's bachelorette weekend is in the books and it was a huge success. my only complaints were me being sick on and off during it and the fact that i didn't think to bring my real camera.

the weekend got off to a bit of a rough start. let me back up to friday at....oh 5:30am. that was when i was woken up by a serious stomach ache. i quickly ran to the bathroom and spent more time in there than i would like to admit (tmi, but it's true). i had no idea what was causing it, but it was not good! for the next few hours i alternated between sleeping and hanging out in the bathroom. thankfully thatcher took the day off so he could be with the kids. i had planned on meeting up with kelli and most of the bachelorette group around 10am, but it was quickly evident that was not going to happen. i was so disappointed! by about 11am, i was finally feeling brave enough to eat something and i was starting to feel a little bit more normal. thank god! just to be safe, i decided to skip the friday outings with the group and wait until 4pm when we could check into our airbnb. the afternoon felt like an eternity waiting, but i was feeling much better. i got picked up by an uber at 3:30, anticipating a 30 minute drive across the city. but there was sooooo much traffic that it took 1.5 hours to get there! i was going absolutely crazy as we sat in bumper to bumper traffic, knowing everyone was already at the condo. ugh :( 

it was smooth sailing once i arrived. wine was poured, appetizers were served, and we enjoyed sitting out on the beautiful patio. 

we heated up some enchiladas from costco for dinner, which were so good and easy! we just hung out at the condo the rest of the night and were in bed by 11:30pm. 

we all woke up by about 7:45 on saturday, which was sort of comical. after feeling fine for nearly 24 hours, i had just sat down to eat our delicious breakfast of eggs scrambled with veggies, sausage, and cheese, bagels and cream cheese, and donuts when i was suddenly hit with a nasty wave of nausea. i ran downstairs and didn't get sick, but i did lay down for about an hour to try to get it to go away. and it did for the most part. thank goodness! i re-joined the group for the lingerie game ;) each guest bought kelli a pair of underwear, a bra, or nighty. then we each wrote marriage advice on a purple card and pinned it to our item. she had to guess who gave her each one. it was fun! 


at noon the shuttle arrived to take us to the wineries in woodinville. i will admit neither wine nor food was sounding good to me, but i felt well enough to go. it was a fun afternoon! we went to one actual winery followed by 2 tasting rooms. janna ordered some fabulous hats for all of us to wear, so that was fun! 

the first winery was chateau st. michelle. it's a beautiful place and very popular. we got a few bottles of wine (rather than doing a tasting) and enjoyed them out outside on the grounds. did i mention it was about 90 degrees? oof. i didn't drink much as i was worried about upsetting my stomach. 

after about an hour and a half, we got back on the shuttle and headed to the mark ryan tasting room. on our ride over we ate sandwiches, grapes, and cookies. i was able to eat, so that was nice. mark ryan was a true tasting where you paid $10 to try 5 different wines. i bought a tasting, took about 2 sips of my first wine before deciding i couldn't handle it. womp womp. the other ladies enjoyed having me fill up my glass at the stations and bring them the wine instead :) we were inside and it was air conditioned there, so that helped! finally the shuttle took us to smasne cellars, which was also a tasting room. i did not purchase the tasting this time, but it was a fun place. finally it was time to head back to the airbnb to relax and then get ready for our night out downtown. 

 we needed two ubers to get everyone downtown. first stop was trace bar in the "w" hotel where we had a drink. next we had a dinner reservation down the street at purple cafe and wine bar. i went there a few months back with a friend who was in town and i knew i wanted that to be our dinner spot this weekend!  here we are outside: 

 this is my only picture of kelli and me from the weekend and i'm so bummed it's blurry

we had a fun surprise that morning when the restaurant called to let us know that they had a cancellation in their semi-private dining room and asked if we wanted to have it for no extra charge. yes please! it was such a nice space and the staff treated us so well! i was feeling much better by this point and was excited for some wine and food. one of kelli's good friends back in minnesota was not able to make it out to seattle because she is about to have a baby, but she sent 2 bottles of champagne for us all the share. so nice! we ate the best dinner - some people had steaks, others had seafood, and they even brought out a special dessert for us all to share. it was the best experience! it was after 10pm by the time we finished, but the night was far from over. normally i would be in bed by 10, but it was my duty to participate in the festivites all night ;)

 next we walked to a rooftop deck in another hotel called "frolik kitchen". it was a beautiful night. we had a drink up there and stayed until midnight when they were closing. 

 at this point i was ready to go home and go to sleep for sure, but the young ladies of the group (aka not kelli's mom and 2 aunts. ha!) had other plans. so, i rallied to make it to another bar. we actually went back to trace because we heard there was a dj there and people were feeling like dancing. it turned out to be kind of a joke when we got there - a dj was playing, but there were maybe 3 other people in the whole place and no one was dancing. but we fixed that! we proceeded to hit the dance floor for the next hour and a half until they were closing down as well. i'll admit we all had more than our fair share of drinks, which was just about the weirdest experience for someone who spends 99% of her life with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. but it was fun! i can't remember the last time i stayed out until 2am and i'm sure it'll be a long time before it happens again. we ubered back to the house and that's where i'll finish the recap of the night. haha. 

most everyone slept in the next morning after being up until almost 3am. oh wait, i actually only slept until about 7:50 - what is wrong with me?! we had to check out of the unit at 11am, so most of the morning was spent getting ready, cleaning up the space, and packing. i decided i was ready to go home and see my babies, but a bunch of others went out for a late brunch. i did get to see kelli, her mom viv, and her aunt colleen again later in the day. they came to see our place (well, kelli has been here before) and then we went out for dinner at "the hi life" in our neighborhood. the weekend was so much fun and i'm so glad all the plans and logistics that janna and i worked so hard on went smoothly. everyone was complimenting our planning and organizational skills, so that felt good :) 

i'm gonna end this post here, but later this week i will update on azalea's first day(s) of jumpstart kindergarten, as well as her trip to the er sunday night. she is fine, but that was not exactly how i wanted to end my fun weekend! 2 more months til the wedding! 

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