Monday, August 29, 2016

goodbye august

our last weekend in august was a low-key one. friday morning ashford and i went to the locks with our friends vanessa and ewan. there may have been donuts involved ;) azalea had her last morning of jumpstart kindergarten. 

we stayed in friday night, made gyros with greek chicken meatballs (my favorite dinner lately!) and hung out with the kids. 

saturday morning thatcher and the kids dropped me off at the licensing center in shoreline, so i could get a washington license. my minnesota license is still good until next july and while i know you are supposed to update it soon after moving, i've just been lazy about it. however, if i want to register to vote in washington for the presidential election (which of course i do!), i need to have a valid washington license. so, i figured i should take care of it now so i have plenty of time. anyway, they dropped me off and then headed out to do some errands. as soon as i walked in i could tell there was going to be a bit of a wait. it took about an hour total, which was actually kind of a nice excuse to just zone out and look at my phone. (you know you are a mom when....). haha. 

when i was finished, thatcher and the kids were still at the grocery store, so i walked across the street to get a starbucks. i have to say, my solo morning was pretty awesome! :) 

the kids (and i) all took naps in the afternoon while thatcher did his fantasy football draft and baked bread. it felt really good! in the evening, we dropped off the kids at our friends vanessa & matt's so thatcher and i could have a date night! this is the second time we have done a date night swap with them and it's the greatest! no paying for a babysitter, and no guilt because we trade off. we do an early dinner so no one has to deal with bed time either. so from 5:30 to 7:30 we ventured to the fremont neighborhood. we had dinner at red star taco bar for the first time (really good! and strong margaritas - whew!) then we went to thatcher's favorite - "flying apron" vegan bakery nearby for dessert. the chocolate cream pie was delicious! and we even still had time to walk around after. 

the kids had a great time playing with their friend ewan (who is ashford's age). it was a great night! in 2 weeks we will watch ewan while his parents go out for their anniversary.

sunday we had no plans. the kids fought like cats and dogs all morning, so by 10am thatcher and i were nearly at our breaking point. we decided to each take one kid somewhere. thatcher and ashford drove up to carkeek park to throw rocks at the beach. azalea had her last kindergarten playground meet up of the summer at 11am, so i told her we could go to a coffee shop before to kill some time. i got an iced latte and she got a cookie and it was a fun little date. we went to the playground after that to meet up with the fellow kindergarteners. 

azalea napped in the afternoon, but we could not get ashford to go down because he took a 5 minute car nap (arggggg). thatcher and azalea went to the grocery store, then the kids helped thatcher make brownies. we made a new recipe for dinner: thai chicken burgers. they were time consuming, but delicious! then it was bath time and off to bed! i know minneapolis schools start today, so i'm looking forward to seeing lots of first day of school pictures. we still have 2 more weeks to go here! 

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