Monday, August 15, 2016

a very roomie seattle weekend

my college roomates heidi and sarah, and heidi's husband chad (who was our honorary roomate in college. ha!) arrived in town on thursday. unfortunately i don't have enough seats in my car to pick them up when i have the kids along, so they took a taxi to our place. they got here around lunch time, then we walked down to 8oz burger and stuffed our faces with delicious food. azalea had not been feeling the greatest that morning, so she asked if we could go home after so she could lay down :( so i took the kids home and heidi, chad, and sarah explored ballard for a bit on their own. in the late afternoon, they checked into their airbnb which was just 4 blocks away from our apartment. then they came back to our place for dinner. when thatcher got home, we made grilled chicken tacos. after dinner we took them to see the locks. it was a beautiful night! 

friday morning we met up at mighty o donuts (are you seeing a theme with our guests?). we definitely don't hate having an excuse to hit up our favorite places when visitors come into town. ;) we enjoyed our donuts and then went to scope out their airbnb. (which was a really nice place for a great price!) the kids and i drove downtown to pike's place and they took an uber and met us there. 

it was my second weekend in a row going there and i'm sure i'll be there next weekend as well for kelli's bachelorette. ha! it was super crowded again, but we survived! it's hard taking the kids there because they get really overwhelmed by the crowds. we decided to get lunch at one of the restaurants in the market that faces the harbor, which was a first for me! it was a seafood place and the food and views were both awesome! 

after lunch, i took the kids home for a little break. they were up and ready to go again by mid afternoon, so i took them to the splash pad because it finally hit 80 degrees again in seattle. (it's been a while!)

 our friends stayed downtown and took a 2 hour harbor cruise, then went out for dinner. they got back to ballard at 8pm and then i got to sneak away to have some wine and dessert with heidi and sarah at pie bar. it was a fun night, and felt just like old times! 

saturday morning we decided to do a picnic lunch at golden gardens beach. to save them an uber ride, thatcher decided to bike with the kids in the trailer and had me give everyone else a ride. it worked really well! i'm so used to going to golden gardens during the week when it's pretty quiet, and that was not the case on this beautiful saturday! we drove around for quite a while looking for a place to park. we found a spot to set up our blanket and enjoyed our lunch, the sunshine, and putting our feet in the freezing cold water (which was a stark contrast to the burning hot sand). :) 

in the afternoon, they ventured off on their own for a while to go to the top of the space needle and to a brewery. we got ashford down for his nap and i did a little work and then relaxed. thatcher stayed home with the kids in the evening and i picked up heidi, chad, and sarah and took them to chinook's restaurant at fisherman's terminal. we had a short wait for a table, followed by a delicious dinner. after that, we drove over to kerry park to see the awesome views of the city. i hadn't been there in a while, especially not when it's still light out. mount rainer looked incredible! 

these two love birds are celebrating 10 years of married bliss next month. i can't believe i've known them both for 14 years! 

 love these girls so much! time and distance has nothing on our friendship. 

finally, we ended the night at hot cakes molten chocolate cakery in ballard for some dessert. it was really crowded and loud and hot in there, so we didn't last long, but my smore bar was amazing! 

sunday morning it was time to say goodbye. i drove them to the airport for their flight back to minnesota. i'm so glad they could come out to visit. our other roomate kaylee has a little one at home, so she did not come out, but hopefully some day! next up: bachelorette weekend for kelli. i've been on such a high all month from all this fun. some one pinch me! 


Faith said...

Looks like such a fun time! That's the thing about great friendships. Distance does not play a role in it! :)

Sarah said...

Oh how fun! You guys are sure getting lots of guests!


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