Friday, July 15, 2016

four on friday

my life has become a flurry of arranging weekend travel dates, plane tickets, and plans that seem to change by the hour! who am i? ;) i blame it on the fact that i am living far away and therefore more things require coordination, but wowza!

1. goodbye georgia trip, hello girl's weekend! remember how my cousin's wedding was cancelled for the end of this month? well, they picked a new date - august 13th! i'm so happy for them that they were able to reschedule for so soon. unfortunately i can no longer make the trip down there for the wedding because i have friends coming in town from minnesota that weekend. i'm sad to miss it, but i know they had to do what worked best. i will have to stalk facebook that day for wedding pictures and live vicariously through those :) my mom and brother are going to the wedding, so that is good!

on the bright side, my group of mom friends and i have been saying for practically a year "we need to do a girl's weekend next fall!" while it sounded like an amazing idea, i did not think it would be in the cards for me. but now that i'm not going to georgia, that gives me more leeway for a girl's weekend away! we just barely found one weekend that works for everyone: october 14th-16th! we are going to be staying in a cabin-y house in suncadia, wa (80 miles outside seattle in the mountains) and i cannot wait! here is a picture of the house: 

gorgeous huh? let the countdown begin!

2. on tuesday night we picked up thatcher from work downtown then drove to a suburb of seattle called issaquah to see one of his co-worker's perform in her 80's-now cover band. it was a family-friendly show and so much fun! there were probably at least 300 people there and it was a beautiful night for an outdoor concert. the band had so much energy and the kids danced their hearts out. they played a lot of top 40 stuff that my kids know (uptown funk, happy, etc), so they loved it. they play a lot of bar shows around seattle, so i would love to see them again some time with friends. 

3. it's been an interesting summer in seattle. azalea has been out of school about three weeks now and she has done one week of preschool camp. so, it's been quite a lot of azalea/ashford/mama time. those two seem to find something to fight about approximately every two minutes and it might be the end of me! on top of that i feel like i answer 10000 questions from them every day. whew! we've had lots of time to fill, so we try to go out every morning to a playground, the zoo, or some sort of play date. up until this week, it's barely been warm enough to go to the splash pad/wading pool (we were lucky when we hit 70 degrees) and lots of cloudy days, but it's starting to feel more summer-like now. azalea is signed up for two more weeks of preschool camp (one of which is next week), then we'll have lots of visitors the rest of the summer, so that will be fun and help fill the time.  

4. finally, we are heading to portland for the weekend today! i think this is our 4th trip there in the last year, but it's been a little while since we've gone. as usual, we are staying at our family friends kathy and garrys' place. we're also going to see thatcher's cousins who live there as well. i'm really looking forward to it (and slightly warmer weather will be nice too). i'm sure i'll have lots to share come monday. hope you have a good weekend! 

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Kristin said...

Dang girl! So much & exciting stuff coming up!


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