Monday, July 25, 2016

a quick weekend recap

it was a fairly quiet weekend over here, which was nice! saturday morning thatcher took the kids to the zoo so i could go to a coffee shop and do my monthly invoicing for work. 

i got all settled in with my iced latte and slice of quiche....only to repeatedly get error messages that the remote server was unavailable. i tried contacting our accountant and the helpdesk, but it was a saturday, so i had no idea if anyone would even get back to me. so, i left instead :) i decided to walk down to a walk-in hair cut place and get my hair trimmed. i haven't been to a place like that in years, but i didn't wanna pay salon prices for just a trim. it came out great!

 i also sold some clothes to buffalo exchange for the first time. they took three of my roughly ten pieces and gave me $19 in store credit. i could have gotten cash, but it would have been 20% less. you better believe i spent my $19 on a sweater and a dress before i walked out of there. haha. it's like free clothes...right? ;) i was able to access my invoicing from home later. we made dinner and just hung out with the kids in the evening. 

sunday i had brunch plans with janna (a fellow bridesmaid from kelli's wedding). we are both minnesotans living in seattle, so it's always fun! we went to a place in shoreline, ate delicious brunch, and tied up some loose ends related to the bachelorette weekend in seattle, which is coming up fast! i just have a few more things to work out, then i'll be sending out the itinerary to everyone. i can't wait!

ok, enough selfies of me. haha!

 i did more invoicing in the afternoon, then we made dinner and went for a walk with the kids in the evening. that's it! 2 more sleeps til becky, jeromy, linnea, and britta arrive! :) how cute is the place they are staying in our neighborhood?!

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Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear about all the fun you'll have with Becky and family!


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