Monday, June 6, 2016

perfect summer weekend

with so much going on the last month or so (and coming up!), it was nice to have a weekend with just the four of us and no real plans. the weather was spectacular here (hot even!) and we got out and enjoyed the sunshine as much as possible. 

saturday morning we took a walk to mighty o donuts, which is always a hit. 

then we walked back home through the neighborhood and let the kids play at the play ground at the community center and hit some balls off a tee on the field. ashford napped in the afternoon, thatcher got a hair cut, and i did a little work, then went to the grocery store with azalea. confession: i was dying for some alone time, but azalea begged me to let her go with. i think i made her feel a little bad for coming along. i could tell she was trying to be as sweet as possible :( someday she will scoff at me asking her to go on a walk with me, so i should savor it. 

ashford was up by 3, so we decided to walk down to old ballard to see a bike race that we heard was going on. we used to go to the nature valley grand prix bike race in minneapolis every year, so it was exciting to find out about. this race was a lot smaller scale, but we had a good time watching. the kids were very enthusiastic cheerers every time the bikers went by ;) 

 we grilled hot dogs and cheddar brats for dinner and we were finished eating and cleaning up by 5:50, which meant another two hours to fill before bedtime. whew! the kids were fighting with each other non-stop, so we told them we were going in the car, on a little adventure. we ended up going to myrtle edwards park in queen anne/belltown, right on the water. it was my first time going there and i couldn't believe how beautiful it was! we will definitely be back (especially with guests coming this summer). the kids ran around, we put our feet in the (freezing) water, and witnessed a really sweet marriage proposal! the kids were nice and worn out for bed when we got home. 

sunday morning thatcher took the kids to the park, so i could get more work time in. i walked to my favorite coffee shop, but they were opening later than normal, so i walked a few blocks up the hill to a new coffee shop that just opened. it had a really nice vibe and the fanciest drink menu i think i've seen. i decided to be adventurous and order a lemon hibiscus iced coffee. this is how they brought it to me: 

i sheepishly said " does this work?" she told me the larger glass was the flavored iced coffee and the smaller glass was a regular iced coffee "for comparison" andi could alter each as desired. sometimes i just have to laugh at seattle's pretentious coffee scene. admittedly it was really delicious, though, as was the lemon scone i got. while ashford napped in the afternoon, thatcher shopped for groceries for our (short) week here and i hung out with azalea. later she and i went to the library to return some books and ended up stopping at old navy too. she still has zero interest in shopping, but i'm working on her ;) we grilled dinner again, cleaned the condo a bit, and got the kids to bed. it was 87 degrees on sunday and i swear hot weather makes me so tired by the end of the day.

3 more sleeps until minneapolis! 

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Sarah said...

Love the photo of all four of you! Frame that one!


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