Monday, June 27, 2016

june wrap up

june is nearly over already...what the heck! there's nothing like going out of town for 1/3 of a month to make it fly by. lots of things have been happening over here, so i want to do a little recap of the last week before we move onto july. i'm going to break it down, subject-style: 

preschool graduation

wednesday the 22nd was azalea's last day of preschool! they had a cute little graduation (we're talking under 5 minutes) for the kids. the 4 years old wore blue hats and the 5 year olds wore black hats. four of her classmates will be in kindergarten at the same school as her next year, so that is exciting. but with 5 kindergarten classes, who knows if she will end up in the same class as any of them!

a few people have asked me if azalea finishing preschool makes me sad and i have to admit, it actually doesn't! sometimes i feel like the least sentimental mom in the world (especially when i'm looking at other mom's social media posts) because i very rarely feel sad about my kids getting older. i'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me?! haha. i love watching them reach new milestones in life and i never feel a longing or sadness about the years that have already passed when looking at old pictures. is anyone else like this? 

a birthday party

friday the 24th azalea was invited to a 5th birthday party for her friend juniper from school. it was fun to get to see some school friends even though school is over. it was held at a park and it was a fairy princess themed party. they just invited the girls in her class to keep it small. the kids got to make smores and they had these cute cupcakes (can we say sugar overload?) haha. siblings were welcome, so ashford and i hung out with some of the younger siblings of azalea's classmates, and their parents. it was a really fun time! 

a day trip to mount vernon and whidbey island 

friday night thatcher decided we should go on a little family adventure saturday morning. it didn't take much convincing ;) the weather finally improved after a week of cool, cloudy, and wet days. we left at 8am and drove about 1.5 hours north to the town of mount vernon. the kids acted a bit torturous in the car (fighting, so much fighting), but we made it. we stopped at a coffee shop to get drinks (and a cookie for the kids) in mount vernon before hopping back in the car again and heading over to whidbey island. we took a ferry there with thatcher's aunt and uncle in april, but we didn't spend a lot of time there, so i was excited to go back (via bridge this time). our first stop on the island was deception pass, which was really cool...

right near the bridge is the entrance to deception pass state park. it was our first time there and it was beautiful. it was a little cool when we first got there, but soon the sun came out and it warmed up. 

the kids thought it was pretty fun that we all climbed up on this huge rock


look at this girl, willingly smiling for a picture with her dada ;) 

the kids saw another pair of kids doing this, so of course they wanted to try. nature's see-saw :)

after the beach, we drove another 30 minutes to the town of coupeville (on the same island) for lunch. they had a cute little business district and a pier that went out into the water (well when the tide isn't low - see below), which is where we had lunch. 

the drive home was worse than the drive there, if that's even possible. both kids fell asleep for about 30 minutes and then woke each other up and proceeded to whine, cry, fight (or all of the above) the rest of the ride home. whew! good thing we don't have any long road trips planned. but it was still a great day and i loved exploring this new area! 

july, we are ready for you now! 

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Sarah said...

Oh man! Azalea looks so grown up!!


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