Friday, May 20, 2016

syttende mai parade in ballard

just a short post for you on this friday. on tuesday afternoon i got a text from one of my preschool mom friends asking if we wanted to come over that afternoon and then go watch the parade. this was me..."the what now?!" imagine my surprise learning about a huge event that takes place in our neighborhood every year on may 17th....syttende mai (otherwise known as the norwegian constitution day). in my defense, we didn't move here until june 5th last year, so it was our first year here for it. ballard has very strong nordic roots (and pride!) so it makes sense that it would be a big deal here. 

we went to their house, had a drink & some appetizers, and the kids played together. then we walked to the parade (we picked up thatcher who had just arrived home from work). the parade was awesome! it was nearly 2 hours long - we only stayed for the first hour, but there were tons of traditional norwegian outfits, flags, and at least 8 marching bands in the first half. the kids enjoyed collecting the candy that was thrown, as well. such a fun night! 

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