Tuesday, May 24, 2016

summer, i'm comin' for ya!

we are quickly approaching memorial weekend, which is the start of summer in my book! (the weather may or may not agree...). i've been anticipating this summer for months and i'm so excited that it's almost here. i've mentioned many of the things that are happening in the next 3 months, but i wanted to put them all in one post because...why not?! so, here is a rundown of why i'm calling this the "best summer ever!" 

first things first...my mom comes in town today! i can't wait to hug her for the first time in 5 months!


all four of us are traveling home to minneapolis for nine days. i cannot wait to see our friends, family, and all the places we've missed since moving! it's amazing the things that become sentimental when you move away, things you didn't even realize you liked that much. while we are home, we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, my brother's 30th birthday, thatcher's 34th birthday, and 10 years working for employer. whew! june is always a fun month and this year will be no exception! just looking at this picture makes my heart skip a beat. 



my good friend vanessa and her family are hosting a "canada day" party on july 2nd at her new townhouse in our neighborhood. yes, she is canadian ;) 

i turn 32 on the 3rd! and the next day is july 4th! i'm excited for my first independence day in seattle (last year we were home in minneapolis helping take care of my dad).

i fly to atlanta by myself for 3 nights for my cousin lindsey's wedding in roswell, ga. below is the venue. love the southern charm! i can't wait to hang out with my mom, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the weekend. did i mention i've only been away from ashford 1 night since he was born? this is a #bigdeal


our good friends the carlsons are coming to visit for a week and staying in a vrbo in our neighborhood. i cannot wait to show them all of our favorite places in seattle. becky and i have been geeking out over this trip for a long time ;) 


my college roomates sarah and heidi (and heidi's husband chad) are flying out for a weekend visit and also staying in an airbnb in our neighborhood. this was a spontaneous trip planned last week, so i am super excited! 

from our trip to chicago in 2013. this picture makes me giggle. 

kelli's bachelorette weekend in seattle. half a dozen girls, her mom, and a couple aunts are flying here to celebrate our girl. it's going to be a "stay cation" for me which is really nice for planning purposes. we are close to booking the vrbo and looking forward to enjoying the sights, restaurants, etc all weekend. 

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Faith said...

What a fun summer to look forward to! Ahhh, I just love summer and all the great fun the weather allows. If only spring would behave herself and welcome summer soon!


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