Monday, May 9, 2016

mother's day love

my weekend was pretty darn great all the way through! friday night we headed to green lake to have dinner. we checked out a couple casual places and ended up at a place called teddy's bigger burger. i got fish and chips and a malt, which were really good. while the ambiance was pretty cheesy, it was very kid friendly. it was a beautiful evening, so we walked over to the lake for a bit as the sun was starting to go down. 

saturday morning i woke up giddy. about a month ago, my group of mom friends chose that morning to go have a group pedicure followed by brunch downtown. i took the bus to julep salon (same as the nail polish brand). it was really nice. i usually only get a pedicure once a year, so it was a treat! we enjoyed chatting while we got pampered. here is the group afterwards: 

next we walked a few blocks to bacco cafe for brunch. i had never been there before, but it looked good on google. mimosas were drank and delicious breakfast food was eaten. lots of girl time. it was just what i needed! i even walked through pike place market (first time ever without kids!) and then bused home. 

we hung out at home for the rest of the afternoon and evening. 

sunday was mother's day. it was my morning to "sleep in" except I couldn't sleep, so i ended up getting up by 7:20. i came out to the smell of breakfast cooking and my kiddos (well, azalea) rushing over and hugging me saying "happy mother's day!"

 i think my favorite part of mother's day this year was her enthusiasm. it was the first year she took a role in picking out a gift for me and actually wished me a happy mother's day on multiple occasions. five is a really sweet age :) 

azalea excitedly gave me this necklace she picked out for me. she told me all week she had a surprise for me and even where it was hiding, but never told me what it was. she did such a good job, i love it! 

after a delicious breakfast prepared by thatcher (eggs, bacon AND sausage, hashbrowns, and cinnamon rolls - so good!), we talked to thatcher's mom on the phone and my mom on skype then headed to carkeek park. it was actually sort of a chilly day, only 50ish degrees and cloudy, but it wasn't terrible. the park was full of brave families having bbqs and picnics. the tide is extra low right now, so the beach looked totally wild! we could walk out so far and saw tons of crabs, shells, and other things that are normally in the water. 

after we got home, i laid down with ashford for his nap and ended up sleeping next to him for over 2 hours. it felt so good! thatcher and azalea both snoozed on the couch as well. azalea and i had a date to the grocery store, for dinner we made pizza and by the end of the day we were all ready for bedtime! 

this was the first mother's day i was away from my mom (well, maybe a couple other times in college?) and i missed her a lot. thankfully i get to see her in just a couple weeks! i'm counting down the days. i also had many friends on my mind who are waiting (and waiting!) to become moms. i can only imagine how hard this day is year after year and i pray that they get to experience this role soon. sending you all a virtual hug! 

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Becky said...

Wow!! That sounds like a great weekend! Happy (belated) Mother's Day!


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