Wednesday, May 4, 2016

hey it's may!

whoa! time is a flyin'. we've had a relatively low key start to the month, which is fine by me! here are some updates in no particular order: 

1. on sunday we ventured to another new beach (shocking, right?) called matthews beach. it's on the east side of seattle. this was a very different beach than the others we've been to. it was mostly grass with a small strip of sand along the water and no rocks. the kids had fun playing in the sand and at the playground. 

2.  mother nature decided to throw us an 88 degree day out of no where this week, so that was kind of fun. azalea wore a new dress and i asked if i could take her picture and this is what i got. she is something else and i love her! 

  in the morning, ashford and i spent some time at golden gardens 

and then azalea's class had a field trip to enjoy a picnic at the locks. ashford and i met them there (her teacher asked if we wanted to join them) and it was really fun! i love watching azalea interact with the kids in her class and let's be honest, 4/5 year olds' social skills are pretty entertaining ;) here is part of the group: 

we spent most of the afternoon at the wading pool with our friends vanessa and ewan. i failed to take any pictures, though. 

3. i decided i "need" a new dress and shoes for my cousin lindsey's wedding in july. ok, so i will admit the dress was not a necessary purchase but, i have not bought new dress shoes (heels!) in years. i'm not a huge fan of wearing heels from a comfort standpoint, but wedges aren't so bad and espadrilles are so cute! i ended up getting these from target online, buy one get one 50% off and free shipping! i'm hoping they work out, or back to the store they will go. 

4. this coming weekend my group of mama friends and i have a pedicure/brunch date on saturday morning. i can.not. wait! we are going to the julep salon downtown. i own some of their nail polish, but i had no idea they had nail salons. 

speaking of mother's day, azalea helped thatcher pick out a gift for me this week and she is just about bursting with excitement about it. i've been impressed with her ability to keep the gift a secret. as of now we don't have any real plans for mother's day, but saturday will be my special treat!  

5. azalea is (finally) signed up for kindergarten. we've had the forms sitting on our counter for months and i finally got my act together and sent them in. there's a facebook group for her kindergarten class (meaning all of the classes). there are meet ups this summer to help you get to know other families and at the end of august they do a "jumpstart" week where the kids can go every day for a half day before the school is full of the older kids. i can't believe this is happening so soon, but i think it's going to be wonderful! 

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Faith said...

I love how you've been visiting so many beaches! I need a beach in my life sometime soon as I miss it.

I love how she modeled for you in her new dress, so cute! And kindergarten already? How is this possible?

Love the dress and the wedges. Hope they work out well for you :)

And so exciting! A pedicure/brunch date sounds amazing!


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