Monday, May 16, 2016

a dance recital, date night, and so many playdates

wow, what a busy weekend we just had! lots of fun, but i feel like i need a weekend to recover from my weekend ;) first let's back up to last week:  

azalea had her last dance class (of the 5 week series) on wednesday night. they did a 10 minute performance at the end of the class for the families and i was really impressed at how much they learned. they performed 4 different "numbers" and they were so fun to watch! azalea was thrilled beyond belief to perform the dances for us and she did a really good job watching the teacher's every move, while still smiling and occasionally waving to us. my heart just about burst from the cuteness. thatcher recorded the whole thing on video, but these are some of my favorite pictures. we now know this girl loves dance and the class was a perfect intro!

i can't look at this one without giggling. so sassy :) 

 moving onto the weekend... saturday morning the kids and i had a playdate with a new family we met at the park last week. they have a little girl who will be starting kindergarten in the fall (different school) and she and azalea really hit it off, so i exchanged numbers with her dad. he called the next day to see if we wanted to come over saturday morning. thatcher already had plans to go hiking with a friend, so just the kids and i went and they had a blast. i look forward to thatcher meeting them next time. i was joking that it felt like parent-dating. haha. i failed to take any pictures of azalea, ashford, and nava. 

saturday night thatcher and i got to have a rare date night. we're generally too lazy and too cheap to hire a babysitter (haha), so we had not been out to dinner just the two of us since last december. yikes! my good friend vanessa has a little boy ashford's age, so we decided to do a babysitting swap. we dropped the kids off at her apartment in belltown around 5:30 and went out for dinner in their neighborhood. we went to a thai place that was really delicious and then walked to whole foods to get some dessert. it was so nice to spend time just the two of us. the kids had a great time playing at their place and we were done early enough that no one had to deal with putting kids to bed. next weekend we are going to watch their little guy while they go out in our neighborhood. i don't know why we didn't do this soon, it's awesome! 

sunday morning the kids and i went to a brunch potluck/play date at my friend heather's. a bunch of our friends came with their kiddos (and some husbands) too. the food was amazing and i was absolutely stuffed when we left. the kids had a good time running around. there must have been at least 8 kids there, plus 3 little babies. it was crazy and fun. thatcher stayed home to clean a bit and go grocery shopping. again, i failed to take pictures. 

sunday afternoon, thatcher took the kids to a birthday party at carkeek park for his co-worker's daughter who was turning 3 (are you tired yet? i am!). i skipped this outing to meet up with one of kelli's other bridesmaids who also lives in seattle, named janna. we are acquaintances, really, and i think the last time we actually hung out was probably around 2004 in college. haha. it was so nice to chat with a fellow minnesotan in seattle and of course to talk about the details of the bachelorette weekend that will be here in august. i can't wait! 

whew! ok, we made it. see what i mean? lots of fun stuff, but a liiiiittle too much in 2 days. this week is pretty quiet so far, so i'm pretty excited for some down time.  

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