Friday, April 8, 2016

friday favorites

i know friday is just about over, but i wanted to sneak in one more blog post before the weekend. i love friday favorites posts because they are just a hodge podge of whatever you feel like. so, without further ado:

1. this jacket. i've been wanting a jacket like this (olive green, utility style) for a while and found one at target ($30!). it's the perfect light weight jacket and i've been wearing it every day. the mornings and evenings, but it's been warm during the mid day! more on that later. 

2. ginger limeade. i looooove lemonade during the warm months (and limeade too). when we were in bellingham last weekend, i picked up a ginger limeade from the food co-op and it was super good! i found this kind at our local grocery store and i can't get enough of it! 

Product Image - Califia Farms Ginger Limeade

3. welcoming friends. last night we were invited to a 3rd birthday party for a younger sibling of one of azalea's classmates. i've gotten to know his mom well since school started and ashford loves the little brother. they live in our neighborhood, so i pushed the kids there in the stroller. it was a small gathering with their extended family, a neighbor family, one other family from preschool, and us. it was such a great night! the kids ran around and had a blast and the adults drank wine and enjoyed a peaceful meal (!) while the kids watched a movie in the basement. i'm so thankful for awesome people who continue to foster relationships with us during our time here. 

4. the weather. i know, the minnesotans are throwing things at me right about now. i'm sorry ;) the weather has been gorgeous lately. around 70 degrees every day. pretty much heaven. we've been to golden gardens beach twice in the last 3 days and it does not suck! i cannot wait for summer! 

5. ballet class. about a month ago, azalea started saying to us "i'm gonna take ballet class". not "can i take a ballet class?", she makes me laugh. she's actually never done any sort of organized activity outside of preschool. i looked online for something for the summer, then one of the other moms from preschool told me she signed up her daughter for one at the community center that was starting that night! why didn't i think to look there? there was still space available, so i signed her up (it's every wednesday night from 5:45-6:45 for 5 weeks). it's a very laid back, intro class. no costumes or real recital (just a 10 minute show for the parents on the last night). the other awesome part is the teacher is the dance teacher is from her elementary school (all kids take dance and movement class as part of the curriculum), so she will already know her next fall. she could not be more thrilled about the whole thing! and she looked pretty adorable in her leotard and tights: 

happy weekend! 

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