Wednesday, April 13, 2016

exploring we will go!

if you couldn't tell by now, that's pretty much the name of the game for us while living in seattle. to see and do as much as possible in this beautiful part of the country while we are here. the kids and i spend most weekdays relatively close to home, so it's fun to explore new areas outside the city as a family on the weekends. 

edmonds marina park

two weekends ago, we visited the city of edmonds, which is about 30 minutes north. there was a really nice marina park/beach with gorgeous views. it was a little chilly that morning, but it was still fun to throw rocks and watch the trains go by.  

 my favorite part was the dog park right on the beach (sectioned off). it was so fun to watch all the dogs (probably 30+) running around and jumping in the water. we also hit up a playground in town (playgrounds are a must on every outing). 

kirkland waterfront and business district 

this past weekend on saturday we went to kirkland, which is another suburb of seattle about 30 minutes east. again, we hung out at the park on the water. we'll be able to write a book on all the beaches here some day ;) 

 we found a play ground next to some baseball fields and then had lunch at homegrown (a local sandwich shop chain that is one of our favorites!) 

adventures on the bus and light rail

last sunday we took a bus to UW and then rode the light rail from the new UW station into downtown. the kids love riding the bus and light rail, so that in itself is a fun activity. we played tourists near pike place. i got maybe my second cup of clam chowder since moving here (which is crazy because i love clam chowder!). 

this coming weekend thatcher's aunt and uncle are going to be in town from alaska (they are not staying with us), but we will be spending all day saturday with them and going on another ferry ride! my former neighbor/friend sarah will be in town for work on friday, so i'm having dinner with her. another old friend rachel and her son andrew will be passing through town on monday and then my brother is staying with us for 5 days starting next wednesday. whoa! 

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Faith said...

I love your Seattle posts since I love it so much! Love that you're posting all this stuff for my (hopefully) next visit!

Sounds like you have a busy weekend coming up! Enjoy :)


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