Monday, April 25, 2016

april visitors bring may...

first things first. my blog turned 6 last week. so crazy! so many memories to look back on :) 

i mentioned in my last post, that we had 3 different groups of people come through seattle in the last week and a half. so fun! here is a little recap: 

two friday nights ago i met up with sarah who was our neighbor across the alley in our minneapolis house. funny story: thatcher actually knew her ~12 years ago because she was an intern at the uptown association when he used to be involved with the art fair. one day about 4 years ago, we were sitting in our front yard when she and her husband and baby (at the time) walked by our house and we got to chatting and discovered they lived right behind us! sarah was in town for a work conference and was staying downtown, so i took the bus to meet her at purple cafe and wine bar. we just sort of picked it off google, and we did a good job! it had great food and the longest wine list i've ever seen. we got a white flight and a red flight, so we got to try 6 different wines. it was a really fun night catching up! and i even took my first uber ride home! 

last monday my friend rachel was in town with her son andrew because her husband was attending a conference in vancouver. rachel is another friend from minneapolis (she is the best friend of one of my college roomies). we figured out that we hadn't seen each other in almost 5 years because she moved to louisville, ky around that time. so crazy! it was really fun to catch up with her and meet her little boy. it was a beautiful morning so we spent an hour at gasworks park and then walked over to essential baking co for lunch. 

finally, wednesday morning my brother arrived from minneapolis for a 5 day stay with us. it was perfect timing because thatcher was gone on a work trip from tuesday to friday, so the extra help with the kids was much appreciated! i picked up azalea early from school and we went to the airport to get him. then we went to "little coney's" for lunch, a casual seafood and burger place near golden gardens. it was another gorgeous day, so we spent the rest of the afternoon at golden gardens playing on the beach and the playground. 

thursday morning we took the bus downtown and walked around pike place market, the water front, and olympic sculpture park. we only brought the small umbrella stroller for ashford, so it was a lot of walking for azalea but she did pretty well. it was that morning we learned that prince died. i bet it's one of those things i'll always remember (where i was). in the evening we went to dinner at "the boars nest" for bbq (my brother's request after falling in love with the food last time). 

friday we took azalea to preschool and then ashford, brandon and i went to top pot donuts followed by a playground. in the evening we went to frelard pizza for dinner and the kids enjoyed "the kid pit" :) i picked up thatcher at 9:30 that night, it was nice to have him back! 

saturday we all drove to seattle center to ride the mono rail, explore, and make a short visit to the children's museum (thank you membership!). 

i worked for a few hours in the afternoon. my brother and i had planned to go to a UW baseball game on saturday night, but it got moved to the afternoon because of rain, so it didn't end up working out. thatcher's co-worker/friend sloan came over in the evening and we grilled burgers and hotdogs. it was a fun night! 

we dropped my brother off at the airport on sunday morning. thankfully we only have to go about 6 weeks until we see him again! we bought tickets to go back to minneapolis for a week in mid june. and my mom will be here for a visit even before that! 

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