Friday, April 29, 2016

an interview with my five year old

we're one month into age 5 over here, so far so good (for the most part...) :) azalea had her well check up this week, so i thought i'd do sort of a snap shot post about her. starting with her stats, of course! 

weight: 38 lbs (36th percentile)
height: 42 inches (42nd percentile)

instead of me giving you the run down, i thought i'd let her take the reigns for a little 'q and a' style post. she kept her answers pretty simple, but it's a fun read. 

how old are you: five!

who are your friends: audrey, jillian, nolan, konrad, tyler, duke, liam, etc (she lists everyone in her class if any one asks her this question) 

favorite food: mac and cheese and pesto pasta and quesadillas (accurate!)

favorite restaurant: culvers (she asks about culvers all the time and is very sad that we don't have it in seattle) 

favorite treat: ice cream with m&ms in it! (not so sure about that, she doesn't really like ice cream past the first couple bites) 

favorite drink: chocolate milk (definitely! although she mostly only gets to have it at restaurants) 

favorite show: mickey mouse clubhouse (obsessed would be a better word...) 

favorite book: berenstein bears (we have a ton of them from thatcher's childhood and she loves them all!) 

favorite toy: a shakey thing....(no idea haha) 

favorite game: doc mcstuffins match game (i would say candyland is played more, but she insisted) 

favorite color: red (interesting!) 

favorite movie: frozen (surprised again, but she insisted) 

what makes you happy: my friends! (sweet) 

what makes you sad: ummm i don't know (also sweet) 

what do you like to do with mama and dada: hugs! (heart = melted) 

what do you wanna be when you grow up: astronaut (she's been talking about space a lot lately!) 

are you excited for kindergarten/what are you most excited for: yes! to do art! (well that's good since she is going to an arts-focused school!)  

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Sarah said...

I love it! Isn't it funny where they come up with things?


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