Monday, March 7, 2016

the good, the bad (and the ugly) of the weekend

friday morning while azalea was at preschool, ashford and i had one last play date with our friends chrissy and eli before they move to to germany for the next 2 years! chrissy was one of the first friends i met here last summer and her son is just a couple months younger than ashford, so we are really going to miss them! we went to firehouse coffee and then walked to the locks and let the boys run around. 

friday night was not pretty at our house. i was crabby and exhausted by the time dinner time rolled around. the kids had been "spirited" all day and i hadn't planned anything for dinner, hoping that we could go out when thatcher got home. he got stuck at work a little late and didn't get home until 6:30. by almost 7:00 we still hadn't decided where to go and we were all hungry (or hangry - haha) and the kids were bouncing off the walls, so we scrapped going out for dinner and just made a frozen pizza instead. i'm not the best with changing plans or little disappointments (just keepin' it real), so i was ready for the day to be done after that all went down. 

saturday morning the kids were up at 6:20 am, but soon the sun was streaming through the windows, i was enjoying a fried egg and avocado sandwich, and they were peacefully watching their cartoons together and i felt so thankful for the fresh start that a new day brings.

i really hoped that the kids would (mostly) get along and that we could have a nice day together as a family, and we did! thatcher suggested we drive up to shoreline (which is the suburb just north of seattle) and go to richmond beach where he and azalea went to a couple weeks ago. it was bright blue skies and a high of 61, so it was a perfect day for it! the views were incredible. it was fun to explore another new place. we will definitely be back! 

in the afternoon, the kids napped and i went to toast (coffee shop) and worked for a couple hours. i love my weekend work time. it's so nice to sit and sip my coffee and eat a treat while working in peace. so nice! we decided to go out for dinner since friday night was a bust. we found an ale house that's a couple miles away and their website said it was kid-friendly, so we were sold! they weren't kidding either - i think over 50% of the tables had 1 or more kids at them. it's always nice to be surrounded by people who won't judge if your kids are acting a little crazy. it was a great place! and the icing on the cake was the kids were happy and pleasant for the entire meal. so, basically we are due for a disaster next time! ha! 

my silly girl

we ended the day with a kid movie, followed by a grown up movie for thatcher and me (it was "everest", not an adult film). ;) 

sunday was a pretty good day too! thatcher did some crafts with the kids. i am so glad i married a man who likes to do kid's crafts, because i am definitely lacking in that department.

 later thatcher took ashford on some errands and azalea and i stayed home and played board games and painted her nails. i wish she was always as sweet as she is when her brother is not around. hehe. in the afternoon, the kids napped and i walked down to market street where i gave buffalo exchange (second hand shop) more of my money, and picked up some groceries on the way back. the kids and i returned the movies after their nap (to an actual movie store in our hood - can you believe it?!). then it was white chicken chili for dinner, baths, and fuller house on the couch after the kids went to bed. 


Becky said...

Sounds like a great weekend, despite a rough start. I'm glad!
Admittedly, now when I read your posts, I make mental notes about places I wanna go when we're out there. I'm so excited!

Becky said...
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Lisa said...

I am catching up on your blog posts so my comment is all over the place BUT-
Fuller House is so fun!
I am thrilled that you will be Kelli's Matron of Honor- how exciting and Napa Valley is an amazing spot for a pre-wedding girl's weekend! We did that for my Cousin and we still talk about how much fun we had!
That is awesome that your Brother is engaged- so happy for him!
The craft is adorable, by the way!
So are those shoes you've recently purchased!
And lastly, oh man do I relate to your posts. I am, at times, not good with little changes in our plans and when the frozen pizza comes out (which it sometimes does) I can get a little grumpy! :)
You are not alone! :)

Hilary said...

Next time you're in Mpls, I'll give you a random Buffalo Exchange gift card I've had in my wallet for years. Hopefully they don't expire!


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