Monday, March 14, 2016

march happenings

we've been powering through march over here, where does the time go anyway? daylight saving time was this past weekend and though it's usually highly dreaded by parents of young children, i didn't mind it one bit! the kids slept in until after 7:15 on sunday morning and even slept until 7am on monday morning. and the extra daylight in the evening is so nice! let's back up a little bit...

last week ashford got another hair cut. his first "real" haircut here back in december did not go so well. lots of crying and clinging to me. he was much braver for this one (as long as i was holding his hand). he is so sweet, sometimes i can hardly handle it! 

friday morning ashford and i got together with our next door neighbors martine and bruce. it was a beautiful sunny morning, so we went for a walk to mighty o's donuts and then took a walk back through the neighborhood - stopping at ballard commons park so the boys could run around. we all ended up pretty muddy, but they had fun!

this past week i finally got my act together and planned azalea's kid party (2.5 weeks before her birthday). i had been looking online for a long time at different options, but places are so expensive for kid parties and our apartment is tiny, so that's out. there weren't even any good inexpensive party room options like a pizza place. we discovered that the children's museum here was actually pretty reasonable for parties, so we booked it there! we invited all 10 kids from her class and now we just wait for the rsvps to come in. we spent sunday morning at the museum playing and scoping out the party room as well. she is so excited!

the rest of the weekend included some "me time" on saturday morning, watching a couple movies, grocery shopping, and cooking and baking (pi day pie!!) - which we ate a day early ;) 

i hate to wish away time, but i am so excited for summer to arrive! 

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