Tuesday, March 22, 2016

last weekend and power struggles

we went into this past weekend with no plans, which was nice. friday night the kids and i decided to meet thatcher for pizza on his bus route home. it was a gorgeous night - sunny and 60 degrees. apparently everyone had the same idea. our "go to" kid-friendly place was packed! 

instead of waiting for a table then having to wait for food, we decided to get our pizzas to go. we threw around the idea of going to a park to have a picnic, but decided against it when we realized we would have no plates, knives, etc. we probably should have thought about that before telling the kids we were going to do it. oops! they were none too pleased when we decided to just go home instead. 

saturday morning i did some invoicing at a coffee shop for a couple hours while thatcher took the kids on a bike ride to golden gardens beach. in the afternoon he had to work at the opening of a new light rail station on the other side of town.

so, it was me and the kids for most of the afternoon/evening. thankfully they took good naps. we walked to the movie store and got "the jungle book" to watch that evening. we have been renting a new disney movie each weekend and it's been fun to watch all these classics again. 

sunday morning we planned to have a family outing to the university or washington to see the cherry blossoms and ride the light rail, but in the hour before we were going to leave, ashford had not 1 but 2 blow out diapers! yikes! we decided it probably wasn't wise to risk taking him out and having it happen again, so thatcher and azalea went and i stayed home with ashford. my poor guy was soooo sad. he kept saying "i go ride trains too!" :( instead we snuggled, did some puzzles, watched frozen, and read books. he crashed in my arms at nap time. 

thatcher and azalea had a good time on their little date: 

i did some birthday/easter/grocery shopping by myself at fred meyer in the afternoon. it was a complete zoo there and reminded me why i should never go on a weekend afternoon. it was like bumper carts getting through the store, then they had every check out open and each one had at least 5-7 people in line. yeah, not fun. we made cookies with some pasteurized eggs we had on hand (worry-free cookie dough eating. woo!), then made greek meatball gyros for dinner. so good! 

i've mentioned on instagram (and basically to anyone i've spent more than 30 seconds with) that i've been going through a rough patch with being a mom to these two. azalea is really pushing me to the end of my rope lately on the days she is home (like multiple times a day!) and i'm not proud of the way i react to it sometimes. but i am only human, so i apologize for losing my cool and promise to try harder for her next time. and i ask her to do the same. it just comes down to the fact that we spend so much time together and she is very headstrong and gets bored/angry easily. i feel guilty because i'm really looking forward to her going to kindergarten. but i know i will miss her when our days together are less frequent. i won't miss the constant sibling fighting, that's for sure :)  

on a totally different note, i came across this article on one of the fashion bloggers i posted about last week. i knew she was popular, but wow!

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Sarah said...

You are not alone. Aubrey has been pushing our buttons, crying and whining like crazy these days. It started a few months before she turned 5 and is unfortunately still going strong. I am guessing it's just this age and that she gets over it soon. I feel for ya! We've been struggling as well! Hang in there!


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