Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter 2016

the weekend sugar rush fun continued into sunday with easter! as of saturday afternoon, we actually had nothing really planned for sunday. i thought i'd maybe take azalea to church at 11 and then we'd cook up a ham or brunch or something, but that was as far as we got with planning. then i got a text from our friends tina and mark (i've mentioned once or a hundred times that they were friends from minnesota who moved out here a few years ago) asking if we wanted to join their family for a ham dinner. yes please! they had no plans either and the funny thing is i saw tina 1-2 weeks ago and i don't think we even talked about easter. 

moving on to sunday...the kids slept until 6:45 and then wanted to get up immediately to see what the easter bunny brought them (i should say, azalea did. ashford was a little confused, but quickly caught on). they were really excited about their baskets. the easter bunny tries not to go over the top ;)

azalea got a peppa pig doll, a jump rope, fuzzy coloring paper, and candy

ashford got a cookie monster doll, bubbles, a thomas train, and candy

around 10:30, we headed to bothell to mark and tina's. their daughter emily is 3 months old now and cute as a button! i enjoyed getting a baby fix (thatcher too!) ;) and the kids love to dote on her, as well. we were honored to get to spend her first easter with her! 

 then it was time for our feast of ham, cheesy potatos, corn, rolls, and fruit. so good! and of course we brought leftover birthday cake to share.

our fabulous hosts:

we hung out there for a couple hours total since the kids were doing great.

i made them sit for a picture for me and this was what i got. cheese faces, but they cooperated, so i'll take it ;) 

we ended the night with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and watching the princess and the frog. i realized at the end of the day that it was the first holiday i had in a long time where i was simply content all day and never felt the "dark cloud" creeping in when things didn't go exactly as i envisioned. it was really nice! 

hope you had a wonderful easter (if you celebrate) and happy spring! 

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