Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a concert, a birthday party, a dip in the pool

i don't have many good pictures from this past weekend, but it was a fun one, so i wanted to document it! 

late friday afternoon, i was sitting on the couch, anticipating another exciting weekend night watching a movie in my pajamas, when i got a text from my friend chrissy asking if i was free and wanted to use an extra ticket she had to see "ladysmith black mambazo" at the kirkland performance center. i had heard of the group, but didn't know their music well. it sounded like fun, so i agreed! chrissy, another friend of hers and i met up before the show and had a glass of wine at a restaurant in kirkland (a suburb of seattle), then we met her sister in law for the show. the show was really good. ladysmith black mambazo is a nine man acapella group from south africa. the group formed in the 1950's and many of the members are sons or nephews of the founding members. they have won quite a few grammys over the years in the "world music" category. it was a really fun night! 

saturday morning thatcher took ashford to the zoo and i took azalea shopping for birthday presents for two friends from preschool who had invited her to their parties. she enjoyed picking out the gifts and helping me wrap them :) we also painted our nails:

in the afternoon, she and i headed to elliot's 4th birthday at a party room in a condo building in our neighborhood. there were a lot of friends from preschool there and their parents, who i know as well. i'm wondering if this is the last year before drop-off parties begin? hmmm. azalea was in heaven playing party games, eating cake, and watching elliot open his gifts. these pictures aren't the best quality, but you get the idea: 


in the evening, we took the kids to "the boars nest" restaurant in our neighborhood for some bbq. they were both sooooo wound up and it was not relaxing in the least, but the food was delicious as usual and it was nice just to get out. we attempted a movie night at home after, but only made it about 40 minutes in before they totally lost interest and were bouncing off the walls again. they are a little bit exhausting these days ;) 

sunday morning i thought it would be fun to take azalea to the indoor pool at a recreation center in a suburb just north of seattle. we've been to the indoor play area there a few times and azalea loves to look at the pool and always asks if we can go some time. thatcher and ashford came along too, but played in the play room. azalea and i swam for about an hour and she was thrilled! the big pool wasn't open because of swim lessons, but the zero depth entry pool for young kids was and it worked out great! we even ran into some friends who were there swimming too. i don't think i'm brave enough to take both kids by myself, but it's a lot of fun when i just have one of them to look after. i wish i would have thought to have thatcher take a picture of us! oops. 

sunday afternoon thatcher grocery shopped and i lounged on the couch and watched parks and rec the entire time the kids napped. it was glorious! usually i work during their naps, so i really love weekend days when i don't feel like i'll fall behind if i ignore my email. after dinner was bath time and then we finished up the movie we started the night before. it went marginally better ;) and that was it! nothing monumental, but a fun weekend all around! 

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