Monday, January 25, 2016


i'm not really feeling like a weekend recap on this monday, so i thought i'd do a currently post instead! 

currently eating // nothing at the moment, but i just had leftover homemade pizza from dinner last night and some raspberries and blueberries. 

currently reminiscing about // my dad (always, always). besides that, i've been thinking a lot about our past trips to florida and how i'm sad i'm feeling to not be going this year. but a 5-6 hour plane ride plus paying for 4 tickets is just not realistic for our family right now. oh well, at least the weather here is more than tolerable. 

currently loving // the weather. i know, i know, but the minnesotan in me just can't get over it. it's been around 50 everyday lately and when the sun actually comes out, it feels especially amazing! i cannot believe it's only january. there are spring flowers for sale outside the grocery stores and we've even had a couple flowers coming up in our front yard. whhhat? amazing! 

currently up to // writing this post ;) hanging out with ashford while azalea is at preschool this morning. we had nothing on the calendar today, so we took a trip to fred meyer and then went to the playground to soak up some sunshine. 

currently dreading // honestly, i can't think of anything right now. life is pretty darn good at the moment. 

currently working on // getting azalea signed up for kindergarten. ok, so we've only looked over the forms so far, but we're "working" on it ;) 

currently excited about // my mom booked a week long trip out here for the end of may. it seems like forever from now, but i'm hoping the months will fly by. it's the longest i've ever gone without seeing her. thank goodness for skype! 

currently watching or reading // i posted about this on instagram, but i was on a walk in my neighborhood yesterday and came across one of those "little free libraries" (ironically right after i thought to myself "i wish i had brought my library card, so i could have gone to the library. ha!). if you aren't familiar with them, they are these cute little wooden enclosed boxes that people put near the sidewalk with a "take a book, return a book" etiquette. i saw the book me talk pretty one day which i've heard is great, so i took it home with me. kinda fun! 

currently listening to // it was the frozen soundtrack for the millionth time (ashford is the one who is obsessed with it, hehe), but now it's the tangled soundtrack, which started auto-playing in youtube. i've never actually seen the movie, but somehow i know all the songs. 

currently wearing // gray sweater with lace from forever 21, gap jeans, pink polka dot socks from target. 

that was riveting, right? ;) i'll be back later this week.


Erin Zauner said...

hi! new visitor here, a minnesota gal blogging her life away ( just had to stop and say hello, because i love finding other minnesota bloggers (even if you're not in minnesota anymore!). also, i happened to write a "currently" post on monday too, which i thought was a lovely coincidence.

Sarah said...

I love those tiny libraries! I've read that book too, but cannot for the life of me remember what it was about or if I liked it. LOL.


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