Tuesday, January 19, 2016

a 3 day weekend

ever since being home with the kids full time, i really appreciate any extra days that thatcher gets to be home with us. thankfully he got martin luther king day off this weekend. i didn't take any "real" pictures over weekend, but here are a few from my phone. 

i kicked off friday night with a girl's night with my group of mama friends. most of them live near downtown in high rise apartment buildings, so we've been making the rounds to all the party rooms, since no one's living room can hold more than like 3 people. ha! it was a smaller group than usual this time because one girl has moved back to the east coast, and 2 had babies in the last couple weeks! there were 6 of us and we gathered in the party room in teresa's building. teresa moved to seattle from the phillipines 5 years ago, so she wanted to introduce us to some filipino food. she originally planned to make it all, but decided to order in at the last minute because she ran out of time. we had lumpia, pancit, and bistek and it was all delicious! 

we sat around and chatted for hours, per usual. here is a grainy selfie :) 

i didn't go to bed until midnight, so getting up saturday morning with the kids was a bit rough. we decided to divide and conquer. thatcher took azalea to the zoo and i took ashford for a walk to the locks. it was a nice morning, almost 50 degrees! 

we saw a couple big boats come through the lock

and ashford busted out this cute pose for me. he cracks me up! 

in the afternoon, while the kids napped, i took a walk down to the business district and browsed buffalo exchange (ok, it wasn't just innocent clothes browsing, it was buying) ;) we made smoked salmon pasta for dinner and had a movie night with the kids. 

sunday morning we headed to the pacific science center to check out the model train exhibit. it was our first time at the science center (like the science museum in mn) and it was sooooooo crowded. i don't think i would ever attempt taking both kids there on my own. they had quite a bit of toddler/preschooler age stuff, but the museum itself was still a bit old for them. the trains were cool to see! 

i had a lazy afternoon while they napped, watched a bunch of parks and rec on netflix. we grilled hot dogs and andouille sausage for dinner and settled in for another movie night :) azalea finally enjoys watching new (to her) movies, but ashford loses interest after 5 minutes. 

monday was our bonus family day. our friends mark and tina had their baby girl emily in december and we had been looking forward to meeting her, and monday was the day! she was so tiny and sweet and the kids just loved her! azalea saw them getting a bottle ready for her and said excitedly "i wanna feed her!", so we brought her over to the couch and she proudly fed her for about 2 minutes before announcing she was done. ha! we managed to get this super cute pic: 

we all headed to a park by their house for a while (it was a beautiful day again!) and then went to a pizza place for lunch. we ended up being gone for most of the day. i did some work when we got home then it was greek burgers for dinner, then baths, and yet another movie night. lucky kiddos! 

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Sarah M said...

So glad you found a mom's group! How did you connect with them?


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