Tuesday, December 8, 2015

tuesday randoms: big boy hair cut, a holiday party, and winterfest

there is no real theme to this post. just a little catch up on what's been happening around here. let's back up to early last week...

as you can see in many of my recent pictures, ashford's hair had gotten quite long (and comical). 

exhibit a: 

it hadn't been cut since last june, a few days before we moved. the kid hair cut places here are really expensive (like, twice as expensive as minneapolis), so i had been putting it off. i know i don't *have* to take him to one of those places, but i really think it's worth it to have stylists who are used to cutting hair on a moving target, and they have lots of stuff to keep kids entertained and distracted. so, i'll be frequenting them for at least the next few years. 

i took him last monday while azalea and was at school. i had a feeling he might freak out (based on last time when our nanny meg cut his hair) and i was right. he sat in the chair shaped like a car with a steering wheel for about 2 minutes before he realized what was happening and started crying and trying to climb out. i ended up having to hold him while the woman cut his hair....with his head resting on my shoulder! i give her a lot of credit for how well she did. there are a couple parts that are a little uneven because he would not let her easily cut, but overall it turned out really cute! i can't believe how much older he looks now! my baby is quickly approaching two, time flies!

in other news, azalea had her first appointment at our new dentist office on friday morning and it went really well. the staff was really good with her and she is a pro now, since it was her third time. it was a nice change of pace after the hair cut outing. i was worried about how i would keep ashford entertained during the appointment, but he sat in my lap and watched the entire time. i could not believe it! i get to go later this week.

friday night i had a night out with a few of my mom friends. one of them, cassie, lives in a fancy high rise apartment near downtown with a party room on the 7th floor, so she booked it for us to have a little holiday party. we ordered vietnamese food, drank wine, and chatted for hours. oh, and we ate lots of sweets :) we had planned to make some ornaments, but never go to them. it was a really fun night! i don't have many pictures, unfortunately.

a (poorly lit) outfit pic.
and cassie sent this pic of the room before we arrived. it was so cozy!

it rained pretty much all weekend, so we spent some time jumping in puddles. it feels so weird for it to be 50 degrees in december!  i barely miss the snow, although it doesn't sound like there is much back in minnesota. 

and finally, sunday morning we went to seattle center for the first time since we moved here. we heard there was a cool train display at the armory for their "winterfest" and it did not disappoint! 

it was so magical!

azalea even got to help control it from the little box. 

another building had an ice rink, but we just watched. 

we'll definitely be back to seattle center! 

today thatcher's brother arrives from asia and then we all head to minneapolis at the end of the week! can't wait! 


Becky said...

I can't get over how grown up and handsome Ashford looks with his haircut! Too cute!
I've been thinking about you in regards to the weather lately, because our weather seems sort of Seattle-ish. There's hardly any snow on the ground! Mid-40s today. Weird.
The Winterfest looks awesome. How fun!
Can't wait to see you next week. Safe travels.

Sarah said...

Love that dress! SUPER cute!


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