Monday, November 9, 2015

a quiet november weekend

it was back to just the four of us this past weekend, so i thought i'd do a good old fashioned weekend update. we had hardly anything on the calendar, which was sort of nice! friday night thatcher had a work happy hour, so the kids and i just ordered pizza for dinner. he was home in time to help put them to bed, then we just hung out the rest of the night. 

saturday we woke up and said "what should we do today?!" thatcher had read about a free train museum in snoqualmie, so we decided to check it out. it was a cool place, but it was raining (of course) and you couldn't actually go inside any of the trains, so let's just say it was a good thing it was free. ;) 

we were less than a mile away from the falls we visited the weekend before, so we decided to stop again. it was not raining nearly as hard as last weekend and it made such a difference in the amount of water coming down! it was still impressive, but crazy to see the difference. (last weekend you couldn't see any rock behind the water). 

in the afternoon, i worked at a coffee shop for a couple hours. azalea napped, and ashford refused to nap until about 4pm when he passed out on me on the couch. i ate that up, of course! (sorry for the blurry pic) 

saturday thatcher and i had tentative plans to go to a party one of his co-workers was throwing at his apartment. but we dropped the ball on finding a babysitter, so thatcher ended up going alone. at first i was bummed to miss out, but i quickly realized once the kids went to bed i could snuggle up on the couch in my pajamas with a glass of wine and watch a christmas movie. something thatcher absolutely would have vetoed if he were home. ha! i chose 'love actually' because it's my favorite and a good "kick off" christmas movie! it was a nice little night to myself :) 

sunday we had no plans. azalea asked us no less than 20 times if we could go the "the play place with all the balls" (a ball pit). we discovered it a few weeks ago, but it's sort of a trek from our place. after much pleading from her, thatcher offered to take both kids if i wanted to stay home and work or get stuff done around the house. yes please! i felt a little guilty at first (i know i shouldn't), but i was so productive while they were gone, so it ended up working out great! 

the afternoon brought a nap for azalea, with no nap in sight for ashford (he slept for 20 mins in the car earlier in the day). stinker! thatcher ran some errands and we grilled chicken sausage and veggies for dinner and had a dance party with the kids. azalea is becoming a fan of lots of top 40 hits (rachel platton, kelly clarkson, etc) and knows a lot of the lyrics. it cracks us up! 

thatcher has wednesday off this week for veteran's day and azalea is off school too, so we get a little bonus family day in the middle of the week! 


Faith said...

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies too. Definitely my favorite Christmas movie! Sounds like a good weekend.

Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those falls are gorgeous!!


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