Monday, November 23, 2015

a little monday catch up

remember when i said we were done with visitors for the year? well, i lied....sort of. :) technically we haven't had anyone else stay with us, but we have had a couple visitors. 

thursday, november 12th my friend kris was in town from minnesota for a work conference. she told me she would be coming back in august, so it was really exciting to have the day finally arrive. the kids and i picked her up at the airport and brought her back to our neighborhood for the afternoon. we had lunch at 'the hi life' restaurant and then hung out at our place. we would have walked to some other places, but it was a nasty, windy day, so we opted to just stay inside and visit. i wish i would have thought to take a picture of us! oops! 

last weekend thatcher's uncle randy was in town from alaska with his brother. the kids and i hadn't seen him since 2012, so it was a fun surprise! we had lunch with randy (and steve) at '8oz burger co' in our neighborhood and then thatcher and azalea walked with them to the the locks and ashford and i headed home. 

we did manage to get a picture with randy before he left! we are hoping to make it up to alaska some time to visit him and his wife georgianne while we are living in seattle because this is the closest we'll ever be, right?! 

finally on the visitor front, we found out this week that thatcher's brother anders is going to fly through seattle for a few days on his way back to minneapolis from thailand the second week of december. we haven't seen him since last april and it will be his first time visiting us here! we can't wait! 

let's see, what else...we've been having lots of low-key family time lately, which has been nice. lots of trips to the playground and ball fields. it's been pretty rainy this month in general, but we've gotten multiple sunny days in the 40's in the past week. so nice!

we also do a fair amount of baking with the kids. this time was bread. they are super into "helping" lately ;) 

 azalea stayed home sick from preschool on friday. both kids have had lingering colds, but she woke up the night before a fever, so i kept her home even though her fever was gone by morning. she kept telling me "i bet my friends miss me so much!" i couldn't stop laughing. 

hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving! we are just doing our own little feast at our place and i'm really looking forward to it. just give me the macy's parade, some comfy pants, a big old plate of food, and my family and i'm a happy girl! then on friday, the christmas decorations go up - i'm giddy with excitement! 

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