Monday, October 12, 2015

fall fun: bailey farm pumpkin patch

this weekend was back to being just the 4 of us! i had been thinking it would be fun to find a pumpkin patch around here, but hadn't actually said anything to thatcher. imagine my surprise when he suggested it on saturday morning. granted it was sort of rainy out, but we dressed appropriately and headed out the door! the farm we decided on was about a 45 minute drive. it started raining a little harder, but we pretended it wasn't happening and cruised on. at one point, we were driving on the highway and it was raining so hard, we could barely see. finally we decided it probably wasn't the best idea, as i'm sure the pumpkin patch was a muddy lake at this point. we broke the news to azalea, she cried, and we told her we would go to an indoor play area instead. luckily there was one a half mile from us! so, that didn't go quite as planned. 

we had no plans on sunday, and it was a beautiful sunny morning, so we set out for the pumpkin patch again (without our rain gear!). it was called bailey farm, and it was such a cute place! it kept to the basics, which we loved - pumpkins to pick, hay bales to climb, a tractor ride, and that was about it! it was free to get in and the pumpkins were really reasonably priced.

the kids were super excited about the pumpkins - i'll even admit it was a novelty to pick them right off the vine. 

the cows in the next pasture over were also a hit! 

we rode the tractor and most of us thought it was fun. azalea kept asking "but what do we do on here?" everything has to have a point with her these days ;) 

they had these hay bales to climb on and the kids were obsessed! 

i'll admit i was a little pouty that azalea absolutely refuses to smile for or even look at the camera. i know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but i always feel jealous when i see all these kids happily sitting and smiling for the camera for their parents. anyway, she has a pretty cute back side ;)  i'm sure i'll look back in a few years and laugh. 


Becky said...

So fun! I love the Azalea quote, "What do we do on here?" That sounds like something Linnea would say!

Kristin said...

FUN! We are going to do the pumpkin patch next week and I can't wait! Such a fun fall tradition.

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

My family and I just moved to Seattle (yesterday!) from Chicago and I love reading your posts to see all of the fun things you've been enjoying in the area lately! The scenery is just gorgeous!
(Another blogger, Kelly, told me to check out your blog because you moved to Seattle from MN, and I'm so glad I did!) -- Lisa | Two Martinis


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