Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ashford says...

this is my first official 'ashford says' post! i used to do these for azalea (i wish i had continued), but at 22 months he is really starting to talk lately and i want to record the cute things he says, so i can look back some day. he mostly is still saying 1 word phrases. here are a bunch of words/phrases off the top of my head: 

"a-ya-ya" (azalea). we heard this 50 times/day. 

"mama dada mama dada mama dada" he will repeat this over and over and it cracks me up! 

"nana" (snack, and also banana). he asks me for a snack about every 20 minutes and it drives me crazy :) 

"mama, uh are you?" (where are you). this is a rare multi-word phrase he says when he is looking for me. 

"try?" whenever he wants to do something, usually handing me an item or wanting something i have. 

"read!" brings me books and climbs in my lap

"a-sa" and "gooooo" . he is obsessed with frozen and talks about elsa and sings let it go. 

"uh ohhhh" whenever anything doesn't go right. 

"fash! (fish) boats!" whenever we talk about going to the locks

"fast!" when you push him on the swing 

"uh-er side" he will kill me when he is older, but this is his request when nursing. haha! 

"hoooooo" how he asks to nurse (only before nap and bed time).

"tote-eeya" (tortilla) "geee" (grapes) "cheeeese"  (cheese) "ahhhh" (water)

"ah ah oooo" (i love you) 

"aaash" when we ask him what his name is

"two" when we ask him how old he is (liar! haha) 

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Sarah said...

Love all these words!!!


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