Tuesday, October 20, 2015

another weekend, another trip to portland

why yes, we do love it there :) we went back for a one night stay this past weekend. i've mentioned that my parents' long-time friends kathy and garry live there. they offered to host our family for the weekend (i'm not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into - just kidding) :) 

we drove down saturday morning and met up with them for lunch on alberta street. we went to a delicious mexican place and ate way too much and then followed that up with a trip to 'back to eden' bakery where we went last month as well. the kids were pretty well-behaved at lunch, a little squirrly waiting for their food. 

ahem, exhibit a: 

we walked alberta street after lunch. the architecture in portland is so fun to look at! 

we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at kathy and garry's house, which is gorgeous and has new updates every time i've been there! they made an awesome salmon dinner, and they even had matchbox cars and beanie babies (that were their kids' when they were little), a big hit with azalea and ashford! 

the next morning it turned a bit rainy, but the kids and thatcher and i headed to washington park to hang out and play at the playground (of course). 

at lunch time we met back up with our friends on division street and went to a thai restaurant that is apparently famous for being super authentic. no pad thai at this place. don't get me wrong, i love pad thai, but it was kind of nice to be forced to eat some other kinds of things. everything was so good! we knew we were asking for trouble taking the kids there. azalea ate white rice and ashford ate...wait for it...nothing. seriously. even though they wouldn't eat much, i tell myself we get points just for taking them because being exposed to different kinds of restaurants is a good for kids :) 

after lunch we walked division street...

i realize now we didn't take any normal pictures of our lovely hosts. ha, oops! 

azalea was clearly grumpy about taking this picture, but we win because her beauty still shines through her pout :) 

we parted ways with kathy and garry and left to drive back to seattle in the late afternoon. it was a fun, low-key weekend and i can't wait to do it again! 

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