Wednesday, September 30, 2015

what's up wednesday

i saw this link-up on a couple other blogs today and since it's been forever and a day since i did one of these sort of posts, i thought i'd give it a whirl! plus, who doesn't love pretending it's 2002 again? 

what we're eating this week: 

well it's already wednesday, but so far this week we've had grilled chicken/veggie tacos (sunday), chili in the crock pot (monday), and eggs and biscuits (tuesday). tonight is home made pizza and the rest of the week is yet to be determined. we do really well meal planning the first half of the week only. ha.  

what i'm reminiscing about: 

thanks to timehop this is an easy one to answer. it's one of the first things i look at on my phone when i get up in the morning. two years ago this week, my college roomies and i had a girls weekend in chicago. it was such a fun trip! i was pregnant with ashford at the time. i miss these girlies so much and hope we can do another trip someday. (or i'll just make them come out to seattle to visit) ;) 

what i'm loving: 

all things fall (i know - how original), but september through december is such a fun time of year. fall leads to christmas and it all just makes me happy! i'm almost ready to bust out some christmas music. no i'm not joking. haha. 

what we've been up to: 

we are basically running a hotel (with no guest room) for the next month. :) my mom was in town last week, my brother is coming tomorrow and my father in law is coming at the end of october. it's so fun showing our family around our new city. other than that, preschool for azalea 3x per week, exploring more playgrounds and the locks, just enjoying life! 

what i'm dreading: 

i'll be honest...i wake up each morning with a little bit of dread to be facing another day without my dad. i feel like i'm missing him more as the weeks go by. i try really hard to stay positive and focus on the happy memories i have, but that's easier said than done. it often still doesn't even feel real. i know this is something i will never "get over", but it will be nice down the road when it's more of a dull pain rather than a sharp one. 

what i'm working on: 

this blog post...? ha. other than that, i will be working on dinner soon. and in general, i'm working on being more patient with my kids. it's something i'm sure i'll be working on for the rest of my life, there really is no end to parenting. but i'm up for the challenge! ashford has been unbelievably clingy lately and it's wearing on me, but i remind myself that it's a blessing to have a baby who loves me that much. 

what i'm excited about: 

having a glass of wine soon, thatcher getting home from work, eating our pizza, and spending another evening with my little family. and my brother coming tomorrow! 

what i'm watching/reading: 

watching - currently, daniel tiger ;) i honestly don't watch much tv (mostly because i'm too tired by the time i get the chance at night). but occasionally i'll turn on parks and rec or portlandia and zone out. and laugh. 

reading - it has been a few months since i read an actual book, but i just started 11/22/63 by steven king for my casual book club with some mom friends i met here. has anyone read it?

what i'm listening to:

again, with the daniel tiger. haha. i haven't been listening to a whole lot of "grown up" music lately besides the radio in the car. i miss having an artist who i'm obsessed with. it's been a while...

what i'm wearing: 

gap jeans, target peachy orange tank top, tjmaxx short-sleeved gray open-front cardigan

what i'm doing this weekend: 

did i mention my brother is coming into town? ;) we'll be showing him around the city (he was here once in 2008 with friends), and possibly going to a mariners game. and eating lots of good food! 

what i'm looking forward to next month: 

november, eh? well, it will be our first time away from family for thanksgiving. i'm not looking forward to that, obviously, but i'm hoping we can make our own little thanksgiving feast, because there is no way i'm missing out on that deliciousness! i'm also looking forward to inching closer to the holidays! 

what else is new: 

alright, this is getting pretty repetitive and picture-less. wait, i just poured myself a glass of wine. that is what's new! :) adios! 

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