Friday, June 19, 2015

seattle: week 2

i'll probably need to think of some slightly more creative titles pretty soon, but this works for now :) we are two weeks in over here. hard to believe! week 2 was just the 4 of us (well, 3 of us most days because thatcher is at work). it's been interesting being home with the kids full time - especially in a new city. i'm so thankful that i am able to have this opportunity, but i won't can be challenging being with them 24/7. lots of time to fill (they go through 4895345893458 activities an hour it feels like and we have no schedule or agenda right now). i'm trying to get used to my days all running together because there are no traditional work days anymore. it's an adjustment. anyway, i digress. what have we been up to? 

thatcher turned the big 3-3 on the 12th. azalea was thrilled, that girl sure loves birthdays. his mom left that morning, but we had cake and presents the night before. and leftover cake for the next 5 nights ;) 

last saturday thatcher took the kids on a bike ride (i must say he has been wonderful about taking them out so i can get some work done and/or have some me time). it was ashford's 1st time in the bike trailer. he was not crazy about the helmet, but he tolerated it and loved the ride. in fact, both kids were fast asleep when they got back. i'm just about died over their cuteness in there together: 

on sunday we got together with our friends mark and tina who have lived here for 3 years. we also stayed with them when we came to look at housing. they came into the city, saw our place, then we headed to the ballard farmer's market. such a fun farmer's market! we got delicious rainier cherries and the most amazing smoked salmon. the farmer's market is held every sunday year round. i can't wait to go back. after that we went to the ballard locks again and out for lunch to a fancy burger place (where we learned kids eat free every sunday. score!). mark and tina are expecting their first baby in december, and we are so excited for them! 

monday i took the kids to the woodland park zoo. it's only 2 miles from our house! i would say size-wise it's in between como zoo and the minnesota zoo. it's all outdoors and really well-maintained! we got an annual membership because it pays for itself in 2.5 visits and i know we won't have any trouble accomplishing that ;) somehow i was on top of things enough to manage to pack a picnic lunch for us. mom win! we got there at 9:30 when it opened, azalea started asking to eat at 10:05am and i finally caved at 10:45am. ha! 


tuesday and wednesday we checked out a couple new parks in our neighborhood and played at home. 

thursday i remembered seeing online that a church not far from us opens their playspace to the public everything thursday morning for free. the pictures i saw online looked nice, but it was more amazing than i ever imagined! a huge climbing structure, a baby area, a ball area complete with astro turf, this place was the real deal! and it looked like a bunch of pinterest-obsessed moms created it (which they probably did). haha. we will definitely be back! 


finally, our evenings have been really fun this week. we usually eat dinner at home (i've moved bedtime video time up to the 5:00 hour, so i can cook sort-of in peace). 

then around 7, we head out on a little adventure with the kids. one night we explored an outdoor mall with a play area, one night we went to green lake and had ice cream. everything is new and exciting to us and i love that we can all go out and experience it together, even if it means 9-9:30 bedtimes for the kids. it's totally worth it! 


Becky said... all sounds absolutely amazing! I'm glad you guys are settling in and loving it!

Leah D said...

I agree that it's been a weird and different adjustment not working. Glad you all seem to be adjusting well!


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