Tuesday, June 30, 2015

more seattle happenings

i know these posts are probably getting really repetitive, but i'm trying to document as much as possible, so someday i can remember back on our first weeks here. 

let's back it waaaay up to a a couple weekends ago. we decided to attend the solstice parade in fremont. we had heard there was a naked bike ride to kick things off and was there ever! the riders had painted their bodies to varying degrees, but wow....just wow. there was just so much about that event that my eyes will never un-see. haha! surprisingly there were lots of kids there, including ours. i guess it wasn't inappropriate, just required an open mind ;) the parade itself was also interesting - tons of people dressed up in crazy outfits, political/social messages, and fun music. fremont just might be the funkiest neighborhood in the country :) 

father's day started off with a typical way-too-early wake up from ashford, so i took him (still in his jammies) to our favorite donut place called "mighty-o's" to pick up a surprise breakfast treat for thatcher (well, all of us). there were a surprising number of people there at 7am! we devoured our donuts, then packed a lunch and headed off to check out west seattle for the first time. we weren't really too sure what to expect, but we loved it! it had a super cute business district that had a farmer's market going on, winding roads with beautiful houses along the coast, and a fun beachy area. it was pretty chilly near the water, but we enjoyed our little picnic at a table and then played at the beach for a while. 

i think thatcher had a pretty happy father's day! 

we've been spending a lot of time at the locks in our neighborhood. we finish up dinner at night, and more often than not, we take a walk down there because the kids love it and so do we! the best surprise this week was that salmon actually started showing up in the 'fish ladder' they have there (a man-made invention to help the fish get over the dam). it's so cool to see! 

another place that is becoming a fast favorite is golden gardens beach. i think we've been there 3-4 times now. i just love it and i'm still in awe that we live so close to a place like this. this past weekend, we all biked there (2.5 miles). it was a beautiful morning spent hanging out on the sand and wading in the freezing water. ha! 

it has really heated up in the past few days. it's been in the mid to upper 80's with a few days forecasted to be in the 90's. that is really hot here, most people don't have ac (and rarely need it). the kids and i have been going to the splash pad almost every afternoon. i'm getting a nice tan as a result! ;) 

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ajs {of MN} said...

yeah for a nice tan! love all the fun activities you are guys are fully enjoying/sharing out there!


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