Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ashford: 18 months

in the midst of our crazy move, my little man turned a year and a half! i know i say this every month, but he is turning into such a little person. no really...this month was huge in terms of vocabulary and independence, and it's been so fun to see! 

- we haven't been to the doctor in a few months, but based on grandma & grandpa's scale, you weigh 22 lbs. you are still a peanut! we need to find a pediatrician here, so you can have your 18 month check up!  

- you had your first hair cut right before we left minnesota (from your nanny meg) and you hated every second of it. haha. i felt so bad for her, trying to cut it when you were thrashing around and screaming like your hair had nerve endings! i wasn't super sentimental about cutting your hair. you look a little bit older, but i was okay with the mullet going away :) and it's already grown so fast! 

- you are becoming more of a true toddler every day. it's your way or the high way and you have the tantrums to prove it. you are still at the age where you can be distracted, though, which is nice. you insist that mama be near you at all times and you let everyone know that you want mama when they try to interact with you. silly silly boy. 

- you are saying all sort of words now, many have duplicate meanings, which is cute. new words we hear from you: nana (banana or snack in general), blue, straw (strawberry), 'sah (elsa from frozen - haha!!), ba-pa (backpack - specifically the backpack from dora), shoes. you also do things like pick up a purse and wave bye bye. 

- you want to do everything yourself like using utensils when eating, brushing your teeth, etc. you are obsessed with any and all water and looooove bath time. we have to spell it out when talking about it in front of you and you always cry when it's time to get out.

- you love to torment your sister. you guys love each other so much, but you fight like cats and dogs. you are naughty and pull her hair and pinch her because you know it gets her going. 

- we are still nursing (actually more this month than the last couple months since we are together more). it's still my favorite thing ever and i love the bond we have. 

- you still aren't the best sleeper, but we manage. you typically go to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 and wake up around 5:30-6. some days you are a stinker about naps and only sleep for 30 minutes. those days are not my favorite. on better nap days, you sleep for a couple hours. 

- you are soooo busy climbing everything all day long, which leads to lots of injuries. you love to give your mama heart attacks. you are lucky you are so cute! 

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