Friday, May 29, 2015

minneapolis wrap up

i'm sure you're tired of me saying "it doesn't feel real!" doesn't feel real! haha. we are t minus one week until we leave for seattle. actually, thatcher left on tuesday to start his 3 day drive out there. he arrived last night and is already living in our new place...just without most of our stuff :) 

let's see...what's happened since last week?

- azalea had her last day of preschool for the year on friday, may 22nd. i love seeing other kids' first and last day of school comparison photos, so i made sure to get a picture of her before we left. except, she was busy talking the entire time, so this was the best i got out of about 6 photos. when i put it next to the picture from september, my jaw dropped. look at how much she has grown since then. what in the world?! 

- our pod was delivered thursday the 21st, packed up on friday (thank you to our friends jeff and ian for helping us out!) and picked up on saturday the 23rd. we were able to fit everything we hoped to. it will arrive in seattle on wednesday june 3rd (2 days before the kids, my mother-in-law, and i arrive). thatcher still needs to find some moving help out there, since he'll be all by himself! 

- we had a going away bbq last saturday with a bunch of our friends at the park near our house. we grilled hot dogs and brats and people brought a side or dessert. it was so much fun and we felt so loved! i cannot believe that we will not be seeing our friends on a regular basis, but thank goodness for blogging, skype, and social media! i was so busy running around i forgot to take any pictures :(

- the kids and i (and thatcher while he was here) have been living at my parents' for a week now. it's generally been going well, but i think my parents are thankful for any moments of peace and quiet they get. haha. this weekend we are spending a night at our friends liz and joe's and will spend a couple nights at thatchers' parents' before we leave, as well. 

next week = wrapping up work (well, being in the office that is), saying good bye to a few more friends/family, and finishing prepping our house for closing.

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